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10/7/21. The Berm AO | Stone Creek Park | 

14 PAX: Birdman, Vandelay, Nailed It, Pantyhose, FDIC, House Party, Theraband, Truly, Vila, LPC, Slapshot, Qtip, Kill Switch, Slow Pitch

Q: Slow Pitch

Weather:  50’s maybe 60’s. Just nice. Real nice.

Slow Pitch started the morning setting up some cones in the silence. He performed a few of the exercises that he had planned, just to verify Doing and Qing. As he was finishing a couple reps Truly and Slapshot showed up, stretched, and took off on a little jog. Then other pre-runners started sprinkling in. 

At 5:30, the Q started off with the Mission statement, 5 core principles, that he isn’t a professional and asked about FNG’s? 

Slow Pitch let the PAX know that every exercise will be of 37 reps or reps of 3’s and 7’s, in honor of Nugent. He then asked the PAX to mosey for Warmarama.

Warmarama: Mosey to basketball:

​Line up on baseline, get in catcher position for 37 count

​Length of court together: 3 Alt Lunge, 7 Squats to the end.

​The Q said “I’m sorry,” then 37 Burpees

 ​Get in catcher position for 37 count


Bottom of hill run up Berm to cones, jog back down 3X

Pendulum 7 IC Right leg

Bottom of hill run up Berm to cones, jog back down 3X

Pendulum 7 IC Left leg


The Thang: Mosey to cones, do exercise 37 reps, take lap, then stack exercises; 37 reps, 37 reps, lap 37 reps, 37 reps, 37 reps, etc. 

​Air Squats


​Alt Lunges

​Big Boys

​Catcher Position

The PAX was able to complete 5 full rounds, then one additional round of Air Squats.

Omaha Called at 6:07, Mosey to flags


​​37 IC Heal Touches  

Slow Pitch informed the PAX that Heal Touches were the last exercise that Nugent led at Paradise the day before he passed. At Mary, Grease Fire asked him to lead Heal Touches and Nugent asked, “What are those?”


​I have a ton of gratitude for my last time with Nugent. It was his last day of life and he was at the 1-year anniversary of a Clydesdale, Grease Fire, at Paradise. A place I don’t know if he had ever posted at previously. He was there because he was supporting someone else. He didn’t like running, but he loved the guy that was leading the workout and that love guided him to be there. In a nutshell, it was a selfless act. I was surprised to see him and made it a point to go over and have a conversation with him. I had just seen the Rangers play the Yankees and we were talking about baseball life. He was telling me how grateful he was to not be on the road. He wanted a life of being able to spend time with his wife every day, come home to her and children. To be there for his family they were hoping to start. We all went the through the workout, like we normally do, chattering, laughing and running. Grease took us on one of the longest runs recorded there and we all returned safely. After the COT, I spoke with Nugent, laughing bumping knuckles discussing the size of his hands, as my hands are half the size of his. I really enjoyed my time, not knowing it would be my last with someone I really liked. The next day when I received the news, I was extremely sad and in disbelief. We were just laughing together yesterday. We were just talking about being a present husband and dad. I can’trecall a time in my life, that was similar to this one. There had always been some distance between laughter and one’s death. I have experienced the opposite, where I said something cruel and they took their life and that was a horrible feeling, still is. This was different though. This is an unexpected tragic loss of life. In the 30 hours between my interaction with Nugent and when he passed, I didn’t have the opportunity to see him again. Had my actions been different, had they been poor, or had I said something cruel, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to right that wrong and the same goes for him. My last interaction with him was extremely positive, with laughter and where kind words were said. His smile, us bumping fists. This is my memory. My point is this: You have the choice to leave all interactions with people in a positive manner. Unknowingly, it could be the last time you ever get to say something to them. On his last day, he had kind actions, he said kind words, he smiled. Tell people you love them and repeat that as often as you can, as life is fragile. This is what Nugent did, for others, for me and although, I am sad that I will never see him again, I am grateful for that last time. I love all of you, I truly do. So, today, have kind actions, say kind words and smile.

Thank you, Chris Gradoville, 37, Nugent!

Humbled to be with you that last day. – Slow Pitch

Prayer – FDIC

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