PAX (16): Barn Door, Butterfly (Respect), Hog (Respect), Lincoln Log (Respect, Respect), Obi Wan, Blades
of Glory, Cuban, Lemon Law, Short Sale, Mufasa, Slick, Gator, Mr. Miyagi, Ralphie, Tee Ball, Thor

 Tappy taps – 15 IC
 Cherry pickers – 15 IC
 Big ones – 15 IC
 Sun gods – 15 IC
 Imperial walkers – 15 IC
 (Name?) Catchers squat (hands in a prayer position) pushing knees out w/ elbows – 15 second hold

ATM’s (3 rounds)
 15 alternating shoulder taps
 10 tempo merkins
 10 fast/speed merkins
Round 1 cadence via Thor / Round 2 cadence via Short Sale / Round 3 cadence via Slick

The Thang:
Counted off into groups of 3 for a 3-man grinder.
Three sets of cones were laid out approximately 25-30 yards apart marking 3 different workout stations.
The middle station (Station 2) consisted of a row of coupons.
The PAX assigned themselves a starting position and began the exercises.
While the PAX at Station 1 & 3 were performing exercises AMAP, the PAX at Station 2 (push group)
would perform the coupon exercise and then relieve the PAX from Station 1, PAX from Station 1 ran to
Station 2 and performed the coupon exercise and then relieved the PAX from Station 3, the PAX from
Station 3 ran to Station 2 and performed the coupon exercise and so on…
Station 1 the following exercises were performed AMRAP
 LBC’s
 Heels to Heaven
 Freddie Mercury’s
 Low Dolly’s

Station 2 the coupon exercise was performed
 5 blockees
Station 3 the following exercises were performed AMRAP
 Merkins
 Monkey humpers
 Ranger merkins
 Air squats
At approximately 6:05am OMAHA was called, and the PAX returned to the shovel flags for Mary.

 Captain Thor – Rancid Style

Prayers & Announcements
 Prayers to the family & friends of Nugent as they grieve
 Prayers to be with the men & women who are remembering Nugent with the memorial 5K this
 Announcement that the new AO, the Armory, is having a pop-up tomorrow (Friday, October 8 th ) at
Ta-Ha-Zouka park

I recently started a new job and was asked to fill in this birthday questionnaire about myself. I answered
all the questions, they consisted of questions about your favorite food, hobbies, etc. The question I had
a hard time answering was, what is your favor quote. Which is ironic because, if you’re like me, you
inundate yourself with quotes. This makes picking out one difficult.
So, naturally, I went to Google. I typed in “positive quotes” and received an insane number of options.
Then I filtered my search to “positive LIFE quotes”. This quote stood out to me…
“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you have”
This quote stood out because it ties back so much to gratitude, which reminded me of the COT that
Birdman read to us at the Combine last week from Nugent. Seeing that many of the PAX are
participating in a memorial 5K for Nugent today, I thought gratitude was a great message to reflect on
When you are happy with what you have you are grateful, you are appreciative. Some of you may know
I have been through some struggle this last year, but there was always something to be happy about,
something to be grateful for…friends, family, F3 and the connections made with the PAX. You just need
to open your eyes and recognize it.

So, look at all those things your life is blessed with and find that happiness with what you already have.
** Gator led us out in prayer **

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