10/7/2021, 05:00 | The Steel Mill | 60 Degrees

PAX: Tony Tiger, Skittles, Sweet Roll, Rooney, Ferdinand, Sup, Swiper, Fun Dip, Mulch

QIC:  High Life

At 5:30 AM High Life welcomed the Pax to F3 and the first EVER pop-up for the Steel Mill– reminding them of the mission to Plant, Serve and Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Asked if there are any FNGs today (there were none). 

High Life then covered the 5 core principles of F3.  1) Open to ALL men. 2.  Always Free.  3) Always held outdoors, 4) Lead in a rotating fashion and 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).  Stated the “I am not a professional! Modify as needed” disclaimer



1.​10 – Sun Gods (each way)

2. ​10 – Seal Claps

3.​10 – Overhead Claps

4.​10 – Tappy Taps



-PAX circled up with their weights and we did three sets of 21’s(curl half way up for 7, curl halfway down for 7, do a full 7)bicep curls and three sets of 7 werkins, 7 ranger merkins, 7 merkins.



-PAX numbered of into 2’s and we split up on either side of the bridge that leads into muscle island.  Group 1 AMRAP shoulder press with the weights by their side while the person in front of Group 1 farmer walked two 40lb home depot buckets across the bridge to the other group.  Once he arrived, he was to do 5 shoulder shrugs with the barbell that had a coupon on either side.  Group 2 was to AMRAP goblet squats with the weight by their side and send the front guy to the other side by farmers walk with the same home depot buckets.  He was to also do 5 shoulder shrugs with the barbell and two coupons when he got over there.  When the front guy left for farmers walk, the PAX set their weights down and moved up in line to the next weights.



High Life called the PAX over to the duck pond trail at 6:02 for a fun little race around the pond.  The teams were the original Team 1 and Team 2 we split up into at the beginning.  To win, each member had to cross the finish line a long with two 40lb home depot buckets (each team had two they were responsible for).  


Omaha was called at 6:07 for some “Steel Mill Hammers”.  These are similar to American hammers but with weights and a little shoulder press as you come across the body.


Announcements/Prayer Requests: • Project Pink’d.  Continue to support the sites by wearing Pink!• 2.0 Beatdown Halloween addition coming up on Oct 30th at the PIT.  More details to follow.• Prayers for Schrute and his grandma.• Prayers for Nugent and his family along with all the PAX running the 5k in his memory.



The loss of Nugent affected a lot of us in different ways.  There were those that knew him well, and those who unfortunately did not.  When something unexpected like this, we all seem to want to take a step back and focus on our loved ones.  It reminds us to focus and love what we have and focus less on what we don’t have. It is important to do this more often.• Cherish what you have, stop worrying about what you don’t• Focus on big problems, stop worrying about the small ones• Tell your family and friends you love them often• Always accelerate, but never forget to stop and smell the roses once in awhile.

RIP Nugent <3


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