October 6, 2021|Hillsborough Park | AO – The Helix | Cool 50°

PAX (13): Romeo (Hate), Doppler, Nailed It, Z-bo, Short sale, TC (Respect), Kill Switch, Birdman, House Party, Detention, Toto, Pantyhose, Black Flag

Q: Black Flag

Welcomed 13 PAX to a cool, clear morning at The Helix. Black Flag explained the mission of F3, covered the 5 core principles, checked for FNGs (none) and reminded PAX to modify as needed.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX counted off and performed the following exercises:

  • Imperial Walker (10 IC)
  • Tappy Tap (10 IC)
  • Mtn Climbers (10 IC)
  • Boy Bands (10 IC)

2 – The Thang

Every PAX was given a card with a particular exercise.  They were then instructed to grab a coupon and gather at the base of “the hill.”  Once lined up, the Q informed them they were to perform 50 of their given exercise at the base of the hill and then again at the top.  In between they needed to move their coupon up and down the hill with one simple rule: “your feet cannot move at the same time your coupon is moving.”  The Q was nice and gave two examples of this (murder bunnies or tossing your coupon and then catching up to it when it stops).  Once back down, the PAX were to plank until the 6 was in.

The first round was considerably quiet as each PAX pumped out their reps.  Once complete, the Q told them to “rinse and repeat.”  This time around there was a little bit of mumble chatter but overall still quiet.  After two complete rounds (the Q was the 6 each time), they were instructed to “rinse and… partner up.”  This third round was to be done with another PAX.  Complete both sets of exercises, and work together to move the coupons, following the same rules of not moving feet while moving the coupon.  The Q had originally intended that partners may begin a conveyor belt style movement with the coupons, but most stuck to throwing the coupons, hoping they would not roll into another PAX in the dark (none did to his knowledge).

When three rounds were complete, there was not enough time for a fourth as the Q had hoped.  Instead of having PAX group up further to attack the hill, he had them circle up and performed 25 reps of various exercises that were called out.

3 – Mary

The Q called Omaha and then instructed the PAX to bring the circle in tight and drop to their 6 for Mary.  He then instructed them to perform “American Coupons” rancid style.  The PAX passed coupons around the circle with a motion like an American Hammer.  The counting didn’t work very well but the movement burned the muscles.  After a few minutes the Q called the workout.


The 5K in honor of our brother Nugent is taking place Thursday morning at Memorial Park.  Details on Slack

Helix is the NW Omaha site for Project Pink’d fundraiser.  This organization comes alongside local cancer survivors to offer practical help.

Prayer Requests

Kill Switch’s uncle John is battling Leukemia

COT “A 3 cord strand”

It was the Q’s 1 year F3 anniversary so he chose to talk a little about his F3 journey a bit.  It all started with TC inviting him multiple times over a year.  The Q attends church with Wentworth and he talked about it too.  TC finally EH’d him Tuesday Oct 6th.  After that the Q invited Z-bo and he came.  Then Z-bo got on an EH rampage and brought in Tuner, Trader, Wildcat, Golden Pike, Loufa, Lightning Thief, etc

But, it was texting with Z-bo, Tuner, and Wentworth each night before F3 that kept the Q showing up.  He might wake up in the morning and not want to go, but he knew he told the other guys he would be there.  That accountability kept him consistent.

Then COVID picked up with Holiday travel looming and Tuner organized Z-bo and the Q into a small F3 style beatdown.  This kept the practice up through the end of the year.

The Q then wanted to increase his cardio and running ability, so he started pre-running.  The Q doesn’t even know how many PAX he has to thank for hanging back w/ him as he was starting out (Wentworth probably the most).  A few months later, TC was back to inviting him out with the 12 in 21s (he laughed at the thought originally).  But then March 28th he ran 7 miles non-stop with Doppler, Merch, and Wentworth?!  That was the farthest he had ever run.  April 10th it was 8 miles with KOA & Z-bo.  April 25th 10 miles with Merch.  More recently, he competed in the Market2Market race with a group of F3 brothers and he is signed up for the Good Life Halfsy.

Somewhere in all this Golden Pike came out one day to Golden Spike.  He then continued to show up to beatdowns AND pre-runs for 4-5 days a week going forward.  He’s a relational connector too and encouraged the Q into more of the 2nd F events. 

Finally, the Q started feeling like he needed to look for ways to give back a little more and at Hop-a-luiah Broadside mentioned the early mornings being the toughest part and said in a passing comment, “I just need someone to give him a wakeup call or something.”  The Q knew this was his opportunity so he took him up on it and called him every morning for a couple weeks straight.  But it wasn’t long and Broadside is giving him a call before he gets the chance to dial him.

The Q said he could go on and on from there but it seemed there will be no end to the encouragement, accountability, and acceleration he experienced through F3. 

He then read the following Bible verse:

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.  But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

He mentioned that the workout started off with each PAX doing their own battle up and down the hill, and it was hell.  Most would have given up sooner than later.  As it went on however, PAX grouped up more and more.  Each ended up doing more work, but with less mental effort because 2 are better than 1. 

The Q ended with two questions: How many cords does your rope have?  How can you add more?

Then he prayed them out.


Black Flag

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