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Q: Lansbury

Lansbury welcomed the PAX to F3 and the Coop. He gave the mission statement, 5 core principles, disclaimer and credo. And here we go…

“It’s October so you guys know what that means, say it with me: It’s Teddy Roosevelt’s birth month. So this morning will include a lot of fun facts about one of our greatest presidents that will be coupled with painful and unnecessary nonsense. Let’s mosey.”


Run short loop.

20 Side Straddle Hops

15 Teddy Humpers –(Monkey Humpers but you have to speak softly while thrusting your big stick)

20 Cherry pickers

15 Goof balls


Square Deal. For Roosevelt this meant the 3 C’s: Conservation, Control of Corporations, and Consumer Protection. For you guys, it means something much worse. Groups of two. One does an exercise at the base of the hill, while the other runs up the hill and holds a Mount Rushmore Chill Cut Plank. (Chill cut but with your chin up, facing out.)

  1. 26 merkins
  2. 26 bonnie blairs
  3. 26 air squats
  4. 26 Chuck Norris merkins


Trust Busting. Ol’ Teddy detested a monopoly. He thought they were fundamentally unfair and hurt the little guy. Speaking of hurting the little guy, this exercise. We’re going to “trust bust” some Merkins by mixing in some burpees. We’re doing some 11’s. Start with one burpee down here and 10 merkins down there. If you make it all the way through, your reward is working back the other way. Keep your partner and get moving.

Rinse and repeat

Call Omaha at 6:06.


Freddie Mercurys

Flutter Kicks

American Hammers

Prayers and Announcements:

Celebration of Life for Nugent (and prayers for family)

Watch for new sites opening around F3 Omaha

Prayers for Edison’s uncle, Max, struggling with cancer


As you may have guessed, today’s COT is about Teddy Roosevelt. Can anybody tell me what number president he was? Very good. So you were paying attention.

I’ve read many books about Teddy and he has always fascinated me because he was such a story of inspiration but also a cautionary tale.

He was born a sickly asthmatic child. He would have these nighttime asthma attacks where he literally thought he was going to be smothered to death. So what did Teddy do? He became the original F3 guy and forced himself to become physically fit. He refused to let his body hold him back.

He was, and still is the youngest person to ever become president at the tender age of 42. Now, he wasn’t elected at that time and he could have easily been a forgotten president just like we’ve forgotten Chester A. Arthur, the 21st president who had the exact same thing happen to him just a few years earlier.

Instead, Teddy took a negative and made it into a positive. He took events that were out of his control and he made the absolute best out of them. If you’ve ever enjoyed a national park, or clean water, or a fair wage, all that began with Teddy. A guy who wasn’t even supposed to be there.

But Teddy is also a cautionary tale. Teddy could have run for a second term when he was in office but decided to walk away. His hand-picked successor was William Howard Taft. Taft easily won with Teddy’s blessing but the two had a falling out that was mostly due to him trying to push Taft around and tell him what to do.

This ultimately led to Teddy creating his own 3rd party and running against Taft. All he managed to do was split the ticket, hand the election to Woodrow Wilson, and cause damage to the Republican party.

Teddy didn’t know how to delegate. He didn’t know when to walk away. And he let his pride get in the way of the greater good.

What’s the lesson? Be like Teddy. Be strong, be bold, be a leader. But also, learn from Teddy’s mistakes. Once you delegate something, you’ve got to let it go. And don’t let a disagreement with an ally turn into a win for your enemies.

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