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PAX: Dome, Bonny, Super Nasty, Demogorgon, Kielbasa, Lifeline, Father Time, Bloodshot, BetaMax, Buns of Steel, Folsom, Tenderfoot, Spacebar, Doll Face, Golden Pike, Samples, Romeo, Z-bo, Edison, Black Flag

Q: Black Flag

Welcomed 20 PAX to a pleasant, clear morning at Heavy Metal. Black Flag explained the mission of F3, covered the 5 core principles, checked for FNGs (none) and reminded PAX to modify as needed.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX counted off and performed the following exercises:• Cherry Pickers (20)• Don Quixote (15)• Mountain Climbers (10 IC)• Boy Bands (10 IC)

2 – The Pre-Thang (Go fast)

The PAX were instructed to rifle carry their weights while they took a lap.  Along the way, they stopped and performed 10 of each of the following at various stations on the path:• Curls • Upright Rows• Weighted Lunges• Kettlebell Swings• Big Boy• Deadlifts

3 – The Thang (Go far)

The PAX then numbered off into groups of 3.  They were instructed that each group would start at a different station (those they already visited) and perform the listed exercise until they had 100 cumulative reps done as a group.  To make things a little more interesting, and to add his own style, the Q instructed the groups that they would also have to keep one coupon above head height for the remainder of the workout.  It was okay to pass the coupon off to other team members, but it had to stay up in the air. 

The Q hadn’t prepared any music but Spacebar saved the day (as the awesome site Q he is) and had a speaker and some tunes.

4 – Mary

The Q called Omaha and then instructed the PAX to circle up for Mary.  Mary was American Hammers (IC) rancid style.


The 5K in honor of our brother Nugent is taking place Thursday morning at Memorial Park.  Details on Slack

3rd F event at Heartland Hope this Saturday.  M’s & 2.0’s 12 and older are welcome.

Prayer Requests

Nugent’s family and friends as they grieve his loss

Safe Ride’s family as they mourn the passing of his grandmother

COT “Go Far, Go Together”

The Q quoted the following African Proverb:

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

He then discussed how most of his life he has believed that he hated running.  He believed this, because when he would muster some motivation to get in shape, he would go out for a run and hate it.  He would watch family or friends go for a run and talk about the high they have afterward.  This always confused him because he would come home out of breath, mentally exhausted, and feeling defeated because he ran slower than he thought he had.  So he just assumed they were all lying.

But then, his M and a buddy’ M spent 6 months training for a half marathon.  They accomplished this great feat and the Q and his buddy were left feeling pretty lethargic in comparison.  They kept saying to each other “we should really start running too” and one day they finally did.  Fast forward a year, and the Q and his buddy and another buddy ran 10 miles on Sunday and are signed up for the Good Life Halfsy in a few weeks.  

Did the Q learn to love running?  Absolutely not.  At least, he still hates running alone.  What he did learn to enjoy was running with others.  In fact, Sunday afternoon he was actually looking forward to the 10 mile run, which he finds absolutely crazy.  It turns out, the friendship, accountability, and motivation of running with others takes away the majority of what the Q hated about running in the first place.  While he may never be a “fast” runner, he does believe he can accomplish far runs now, as long as he is traveling with someone.


Black Flag

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