Years ago when I began F3 I would look at parks, hills, tracks…etc and immediately think of an epic beatdown.  It seemed like everywhere I went I found a potential AO.  As I accelerate through F3, I find myself more so searching for COT’s.  Whether it’s listening to NPR, reading a book, studying an article…etc. 

We are all in different stages in F3.  F3 means different things to all of us.  For me, right now, I’m all about the COT.  What started as a way to lose weight and reconnect with some friends I didn’t see as often, now, F3 to me is about getting better as a person and has little to nothing to do wit the actual beatdown itself.

Last winter No Doze had a COT about how he doesn’t share much.  Hesitant to be vulnerable was what he said.  It absolutely hit me smack dab in the forehead.  I had always been friendly, a hard worker, but believe me, I had stuff burning a hole in my stomach/heart.  It wasn’t unttil recently that I really started speaking the truth…no more surface level B.S…rather, stuff that really mattered. 

I’m proud of who I am.  Proud to spend every morning with you guys.  And I know that you guys want what’s best for me.  So, thank you for you being you.  Try being raw with people in our circle.  It feels like a significant weight will be off your shoulders.


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