Pax: 19 Speed Square, Dog Man, Ketchup, Brad Pit, Fine Print, Blades of Glory, Garfunkel, Lite Bright, Tonight Show, Excite bike, Yodel, Lemon Law, Hard Hat, FNG( Free Smells), Gator, Tee Ball, Treble Hook, Lincoln Logs, and Crab Cakes

Q: Crab Cakes


Crab Cakes goes through the mission, core principles, and disclaimer before we circle up for warm-a-rama on the basketball court:

The Pax does IC: SSH, Tapie Taps, Tater Taps, Windmills. We finish warming up with 2 rounds of ATM’s to get everything nice and loose


We do a short mosey to the hill where we break up into 2 groups. One group Bernie sanders up the hill and duck walk down until pushed. Group 2 does a does a shoulder routine. In round 1 the pax held a wall sit while doing bat wings, and on the second round, Moroccan Night club, Turkey Chinooks and cherry Pickers IC. Once both groups have gone through 2 times we mosey around the block to stretch out our legs.


Once we finish our mosey we end up in a pumpkin Patch. Each PAX member picks a coupon and we break into 4 groups. Being an experienced pumpkin piker Tonight show reminds the younger pax don’t let your ego pick your pumpkin. Station 1 is the push with the others 3 being AMRAP.

Station1: Round 1- 50 Squats, Round 2- Bench step Up’s 20 ea leg Round 3- Bolt 45’s Yell push and rifle carry the coupon to next station

Station 2: Round 1-Over head Press Round 2- Curls Round 3- Skull crushers Lunge walk to next station when Pushed

Station3: Round 1- Calf Raises Round 2- Lunges Round 3- Side Lunge Shuffle to next station when pushed

Station 4: Hold Coupon above your head: Round 1-Flutter Kicks Round 2- Big Boys Round 3- Low Dolly High knees to the next station

After getting 1/2 way through the 3rd rotation the Q calls Omaha. The Pax then was instructed to pick a second pumpkin and farmer’s carry back to the flag.


Once back at the flag the PAX does shoulder shrugs with the pumpkins till the 6 is in before laying on their 6 for 6MOM

The Q leads the PAX in: E2K, Heel Touches and Heels to heaven


We circle up for announcements and name our FNG Free Smells. The Q then encourages the pax to enjoy life with those they love take the pumpkins home and do something with their 2.0 or M or significant others. Next up at Dragon’s Lair Join Speed Square for another great beatdown on 10/9

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