29 September 2021 / AO Top Rope / 61 Degrees 6 knot winds

16 PAX: Thereaband, Obiwan, Patton, Armbar, Gator, Kill Switch, barber Shop, Barn Door, Supa Fly, Jeeves, Doggy Paddle, Tugboat, Scoober, Oompa, Blades of Glory, Doppler


I welcomed everyone to Tope Rope, went through the 5 core principles, the mission statement, credo, saw we had no FNGs, then reminded people that I was not a professional. And with that we started our mosey


Moseyed down the path towards the Papio Trail.

High knees x 7

Tappy Taps x 7

Big Ones x 7

SSH x 7

Sun gods x7 forward and back

The Thang:

Before we started the Thang, I talked briefly about how I just got back from a trip to Keesler which is where I was when my Mom died. It has been almost 20 years since she passed and I sometimes worry that memories of her are slipping away. I asked the PAX to spend some time sharing memories about their moms while they ran together this morning.

With that we went on a nice little mosey with some stops along the way. At each stop we increased the number of reps that we were completed.

7: Burpees

14: Big Boys

21: Bonny Blaire’s

28: Merkins

35: Squats

42: SSHs

Stopped just over the bridge where it opens up into the Prairie/reserve took time for a silent 1 minute plank to allow for self-reflection.

42: Goofballs

35: Plank jacks

28: Chuck Norris Merkins

21: Frozen Freddies

14: Monkey Humpers

7: Burpees

Finishing Move:

Wall-sit chain run. All members lined up along the wall person on the end sprints to the other end of the line calls the next man up. We did this along the entire west wall of the school.

Balls to the wall chain run: Same concept, but all members are in balls to the wall position.

Back to wall sit chain run.


Box Cutters x 20

Flutter Kicks x 20

American Hammers Rancid Style

Announcements/Prayer Requests

First Friday lunch is at Oscars this week.

3rd F Volunteer opportunities are on slack please look there to help at Heartland


In honor of suicide awareness and prevention month I shared some of my experience with the issue.

When I was 21 years old I was at Keesler AFB for a training course. A buddy and I spent the evening playing guitar and drinking, so I spent the night at his place. When I got back to my room in the morning, I had seven missed calls.

Earlier that week I had called my mom because her birthday was coming up and she had been upset lately. This was often the case, when dealing with my mom, she battled borderline personality disorder and had many highs and lows that she went through. Lately she was really upset and lonely and I told her I would try to fly home on my next long weekend which was coming up soon. I asked her if she was worried about hurting herself. She said yes. I reminded her I would be home soon and that she needed to reach out ot her sister who lived close by. Asking that question at the time really scared me and was hard to ask, but I knew I had to ask it. I knew I had to ask it because suicidal ideations and attempts were something I grew up with, I had witnessed my mom try to hurt or kill herself more than once growing up. There was the time she put her hands through a glass door and brought her wrists down hard. Then there was the times I didn’t see it but found clues after the fact, like the time I found duct-tape and hoses in the trunk of her car, and remnants of duct-tap on her exhaust pipe. Knowing my mom was suicidal was something I learned to live with as a young man. Through the years, I have become very comfortable asking the question “are you considering hurting yourself”. The first time you ask, it is scary. You don’t want to offend the person, or worse hear them say yes. Because if they say yes, then what do you do? The answer is stay with them, get them help, and don’t leave until they are safe.

When I got back to my room that morning I saw the red light flashing on the hotel phone next to my un- slept in bed. I picked up the phone heard the machine say “you have seven missed calls”

1: Hey Bryan its Dad call me when you get this. I need to talk to you.

2: Hey Bry, it’s your Dad again I need you to call me when you get this no matter what time it is.

3. Sargent Johnson the is the Keesler Security forces team please call us when you get this

4. Mr. Johnson this is the Red Cross please call us back when you get this message

5. Bryan its Dad again seriously please call as soon as you get this

6. Sgt Johnson this is the First Sergeant please call me back as soon as you get this call. I will be coming over soon to see if you are in your room.

7. Sgt Johnson this is security forces calling again we need you to call us back as soon as possible.

By the 3rd call I was worried, and by the 4th call I knew something happened to my Mom.

I called home and my Step Mother answered the phone.


“Is my Mom ok”

“Oh Bry, honey I am sorry…..”

My Mom had killed herself the day prior on her 42nd birthday. It happened before I could get home to be with her, to pick her back up and put the pieces back together, like my sister and I had so many times before. What I find is really hard now, after all these years, is not sharing my life and my boys with her. I worry that as time passes my memories of her will fade, and that my boys will never know her. That just makes me really sad.

It is important to me to share this story. So that we can learn to ask the questions that need to be asked. When hear the answers we might be afraid to hear, we need to know the right way to respond.

Most importantly keep making memories with the ones you love.


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