10.6.21 0515, AO: Danger Zone Weather: a perfect 60° morning in the Gloom

PAX: Firewalker, Copycat, Shiplap, Ear Tag, Feeney, Gobbler, Wentworth, Levey, Mulch, FNG (Brian Thomas) WAR EAGLE, Fun Dip, Haggis, Rooney, Double Dip, Knobs, L-Train, Sweet Roll, Mako, Baby Shark, Borat, Swiper, Echo, Belding, Arch, Speed Square, Soup, Polaroid, Lincoln Logs

QIC: Rollbar

What a beautiful morning! There aren’t many days in the Gloom more perfect than today! The mumblechatter was plentiful as PAX came into the circle from the various run routes that the #SarpySwagger crew has planned out. 

Promptly at 0515 (NOT 0530 as YHC Tweeted out!), YHC called the Beatdown to order. Giving the Mission and Core Principles and warned the gathered PAX that I am not a professional as I would later illustrate as I stumble through the proper order of COT. 

YHC lead the PAX on a quick mosey on the track to the endzone area near the scoreboard and led Warm-o-Rama. 


  • Side straddle hop x20ic
  • Tappy taps x15ic
  • Big Ones x20ic
  • Cherry Pickers x25ic

YHC briefly described the Thang, his trademark Wrecktangle. Covering the entire field, from endzone to endzone and sideline to sideline there were 8 stations with a single exercise and a prescribed moving exercise to the next cone, and an added pain station at midfield.  The layout was as follows:

The Thang: Wrecktangle

Station 1: Hand Release Merkins> Bear Crawl

Station 2: Monkey Humpers>Lunge

Station 3: AST Merkins>Inch Worm

Station 4: Copperhead Squats>Sprint

Station 5: Crunchy Frog>Worm Inch

Station 6: Sweat Angels>Reverse Lunge

Station 7: LBCs>Crawl Bear

Station 8: Head to Toe Situps>Sprint to Midfield Pain Station

Pain Station: 15 Burpees> Sprint to Station 1


29 American Hammers Rancid style

COT: A time of loss and reflection

YHC told the PAX that unlike most COTs where I ad-lib at least parts of it, I was going to read something I had written out this week. It’s been an emotionally taxing and contemplative week. This is what YHC wrote  and shared:

As I’m sure you all know, F3 Omaha suffered a shocking and tragic loss last week, our brother Chris “Nugent” Gradoville was taken from us at the far too young age of 37. I only knew Nugent a little, having only spent a few times in the Gloom with him, but I know he was a true HIM and a man beloved by everyone he met.

Most of you probably do not know that the following day I lost my last Grandparent, my Grammy, Lois Hensley at the age of 97, having lived a full and beautiful life. I loved my Grammy deeply, I have many fond memories of time spent with her in her home in Tennessee. I only wish I could have spent more time with her over the years, but her impact on me will never be forgotten. 

While these 2 losses are starkly different, the combined loss hit pretty hard and really made me reflect on how valuable each minute and each relationship is. My main takeaway is this: Make sure those that matter to you know that you love them, maximize the moments. You don’t know how many you have with anyone, so let them hear it in your words, and feel it in your actions. 

Finally, to close out, I want you to hear this from me: I LOVE YOU. You are the Brothers I choose, I am inspired by the acceleration I see, not so much physically, even though that’s great, but spiritually and in leadership. I am encouraged to see the numbers of F3 Omaha and the Nation grow and see the world change through men defeating Sad Clown Syndrome and becoming Unlocked Leaders.  Stay on the path, love your fellow man and change the world around you for the better, today and every day. 

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