5:00 am – Q arrived at site with cones and lights to set up, but not with the sheets of paper detailing the exercises for the cones, so improvisation began immediately.

5:15 – Welcomed Draino and Scrubbing Bubbles which were downrange from North Carolina

5:30 – PAX was welcomed by Q, the mission statement, 5 core principles, the disclaimer, and the credo was stated with a little help from the PAX. Welcomed FNG Dave (Tesla)


The PAX moseyed around the track and circled up for warm-a-rama exercises consisting of:

SSH, Windmills (Nice and slow), Tappey Taps


PAX partnered off and lined up along the track, at the base of the hill. One partner ran up the hill and did 10 monkey humpers while the other did cherry pickers (which were later turned into merkins)


The PAX numbered off into fours. There were four outer cones and one central cone where the PAX would return after completing the exercise at an outer cone. Exercises at the outer cones were as follows:

Cone 1: Arms (Group preference)

Cone 2: Legs (Group preference)

Cone 3: Core (Group preference)

Cone 4: Cardio (Group preference)

Central Cone: Dealer’s Choice

The PAX cycled between the cones in a manner resembling the spokes on a wheel until “Omaha” was called at 6:05 am.


Butterfly Kicks, LBCs, American Hammers (rancid style)


Prayers for healing from cancer


Laid out the gospel of our risen lord Jesus for the PAX

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