October 5, 2021

The Colosseum

Weather: low 50s

PAX: Tin Cup, Khakis (RESPECT), Tater Tot, Slow Pitch, Jack Rabbit, Safe Ride, Stella, Huffy, Dome, Cosmo, Honey Stinger, Sven, Deep Fry, Wolverine, Retweet, Baskin (RESPECT), Bloodshot, Rosetta, Super Nasty, Bonnie, Super Tasty, Hat Trick (RESPECT), Honeymaid, Big One

Q: Trademark

Mosey 2 laps around track (until first man finishes)

Warm O’ Rama


Sun Gods IC x10 forward, x10 reverse

Merkins x20

Tappy Taps ICx10


Planks, alternating with arms extended (on “up”) and elbows at 90 degree angle (on “down”)

40 copperhead squats


2-man grinder: one man goes down the entire length of the field and back, while the other man cycles through a list of exercises in the end zone.

End zone exercises: 20 squat jumps, 20 merkins, 20 monkey humpers (in cadence), 20 Apolo Ohnos (in cadence), 20 big boys

Trip down the field and back: run for first round trip, skip for second round trip, then do karaokes/crossovers for third round trip

Called Omaha at 6:05am.


American hammers: one round with all the PAX calling out in sequence, plus 10 extra at the end led by the Q.


Discussed how, each night, we make the decision whether to post the next morning, and what we base that decision on. In the past, if not injured, I would usually decide based on (1) whether I feel I need to fit in an extra workout that week, and (2) whether I “feel like it” or I’m not in the mood. The first is an ok thing to take into consideration, but the second can lead to the wrong decision. More recently, I try to take stock each night of where I am mentally, and if it’s not a good place (anxious, sad, feel a little down or off and can’t explain why, etc.), I try extra hard to post the next morning – even though I often don’t “feel like” posting at those times. Like clockwork, posting will diminish those negative feelings, or get rid of them entirely. My advice to the PAX who are in the same boat as me: try to take stock of where you’re at each night, and make that a factor when you’re considering whether to post. In fact, I recommend making it the #1 factor, because the benefits in this regard far outweigh the fitness benefits of any single workout, in my opinion.

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