October 4, 2021 | AO – Ironwood | 55 degrees and clear

PAX (13): Frosty, 2 Step, Spreadsheet, Doll Face (Respect!), Lite Brite, O’ahu, Rooster, Side Dish, KC, Othello, Bovine, Gunner, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

(S)Murph: Dome, Stitches, Hard Hat; The Smurph was completed in approximately 33 minutes, and with Dome and Stitches both having to leave afterwards, they got a sneak peak of COT after a clusterF of counting out American Hammers to 37, which was witnessed by Gunner. The Hammers were counted out, but it was a sight to see and hear a combination of Rancidesque style and regular in cadence, and a random count then pass, and silence in confusion until the 37 + hammers were completed.

At 5:30 Hard Hat began to interrupt the mumblechatter of the pre-workout, as a couple guys were coming in hot, and Side Dish was getting the Canyon flag planted, then we got into the “legal” stuff. Welcome to F3, Q introduction (necessary as I hadn’t met O’ahu yet, and it’s been a long time since seeing a few other guys), disclaimer, mission statement, and core principles. There were no new guys, and it was explained that we’d be completing a Murph for the 1st Monday of the month. If no one knew what that was, they’d soon find out.

Murph: The group ran to the pull up bars, circled up, counted off into two groups, and proceeded to complete a Murph. 100 pull ups, 200 merkins (pushups), 300 squats, and 2 miles of running. 10 Rounds to split up the exercises, with core exercises after even numbered rounds. A long run after the 5th round, and a short run back to the flags at the conclusion of round 10. A few notes during this: the sprinklers were on, and there may have been laughter at a couple of points during the workout about getting shot in the d*** by a sprinkler. One of the core exercises was lead by Rooster, as he called out 20 Mountain Climbers IC. I appreciated this, because I noticed slight confusion by a few guys as this isn’t typically considered a core exercise. I did something similar the first time I was ever called upon leading a core exercise at a murph. Another core note, KC lead what I believe he called “Floor Frys(?)” which is what many would call scissor kicks. I enjoy hearing different names for exercises. We capped off the final round of exercises with 37 American Hammers counted out Rancid style for our brother Nugent. This one’s for you Nugent.

Closing: We had the following announcements: The Steel Mill and Armory sites launching soon with pop-ups this week | Pop-up 5k on Thursday for Nugent | Support Project Pink’d at your favorite AO(s). Continued prayers for Nugent’s family, for Firebird, and for Marvel’s family’s friend Cruz.

My COT message has to do with a couple of things on my mind. Frosty said it’s going to be a heavy week, that’s for sure. Like so many of us, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on Nugent’s impact on me. Sparty broke the news to me and I couldn’t help but try to imagine the pain he was going through, losing a close, old friend. I’ve only known Nugent since he started in F3 last summer, and I was fortunate to be at the workout he was an FNG at. We didn’t post at many of the same AO’s in all that time, so I’ve maybe worked out with him 20 times. He was a guy that I considered a friend and brother though in those little interactions. The pain I’ve felt over losing a friend after a short time got me to thinking about how I’d feel if I lost a very long time friend. Especially if it were someone that I’ve lost touch with and just haven’t put in the effort to reconnect. I’ve spent more time the last few days trying to reconnect with some old friends, and putting more effort into cherishing current friendships. Today is U-Haul’s 40th birthday, so if you’re connected with him, send him a birthday text or message on slack, etc. to help make his day special. We need to cherish the time we have with our friends, our brothers in the gloom, reconnect with friendships lost, hug our friends, our brothers… love them!

Hugs all around, I love you guys! – Hard Hat

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