The Backblast Main Stage

9/29/21 5:30AM

20 PAX

Weather was calm and clean temp of 58 degrees

PAX- Ketchup, Overtime, Brad Pitt (respect), Chippendale, PitStop, Gump, Truly, Escobar, Yodel, Bear Grills, Tee Ball, Truck Stop, Baby Shoes (Hate), Paramount, Splinter, Griswald, FDIC, Convoy, Mufasa, LPC (Q)

The PAX were ready to get going in the Gloom even after findout out the SITE Q farsacked. We established the 5 core principles and stated the Mission of F3.

LPC led the Pax to the center of the football field for the Warm-o-Rama and a bit of a pre thang. 


  • Side straddle hop (25)
  • Tap e Taps(25)
  • Sungods front and back (10 each way)
  • Deep Lunge with Rotation (20 seconds each side)
  • Down Dog 20 second

Pre Thang WWII

Big Boys:Mercans 

2 big boys roll over 1 mercan

4 big boys roll over 2 mercans

6 big boys roll over 4 mercan 

8 big boys roll over 6 mercans

10 big boys roll over 8 mercans


I was wanting to use the track with a lot of movement in order to establish a good sweat and solid beatdown. The pax were broken up into pairs. It worked out perfectly to have 10 pairs, each going to a separate station to start then moving clockwise after completion. Mode of travel between states alternated between mosey and bear crawling. The beatdown consisted of 10 stations spaced evenly around the perimeter of the track marked by cards and lights. 

10 Stations.

Burpees 20

Air Squats 20

Box Cutters 20 IC

Lunges 20 

Aussie Mtn Climbers 20 IC

Copperhead Squats 20 IC

Flutter Kicks 20 IC

Tempo Mercans 20 IC

Side Plank with Bend 20 each side

Burpees 20

Rancid style American Hammers took us home as we were out of time.


My COTs generally are a personal issue I am processing or need help with. The issue at hand is regarding. Power is a strange thing. Often, I don’t realize how much power I might give others over me. Mainly emotional power. I have a family member that I wish to have a deeper connection and closer relationship with. However, this other person does not display the action that would show they want the same thing. This wears on me heavily. I long for acceptance. This being said, I allow this person’s actions and lack of action to have power over my mental state and attitude. I let this affect my mood and personality. I consider myself an outgoing confident person. When I am around this person I allow for my mood to shift and become negative and reserved. I am not myself. I let my longing, for acceptance in this case, get the better of me and thus affect people I care about around me. I either consciously or unconsciously allow this to happen. Giving power over me and my emotional state to someone that has no business having that influence. The great thing is I can control this. This is an emotional adjustment and a recommitment to who I am and what I am about. Let this be a lesson to all of us. Who we surround ourselves with matters. This being said, we have the power in ourselves to allow people to influence us for better or worse. Make sure it is for the better. This is a way more powerful way to go about life and how to make the most out of the relationships we have. 



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