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23 PAX: Lucky Charms, Haggis, Tater Tot, Schrute, Farva, Truck Stop, Animal House, Rooney, Levy, Girl Dad, Flowers, Knobs, Jean Claude, Fun Dip, Chernobyl, Boiling Point, Macco, Double Dip, Squeaky Clean, Fire Walker, Irish Car Bomb (FNG), Mo Town

QIC:  Sweet Roll

5:00amPre-Runners— Double Dip, Tater Tot, Fun Dip, Jean Claude, Knobs, Boiling Point

5:30am​Sweet Roll welcomed the Pax to F3 – reminding them of the F3 Mission: Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups of men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  One FNG today,

Sweet Roll then covered the 5 core principles of F3.  1) Free of charge. 2.  Open to all men.  3) Held outdoors, 4) Peer ed in a rotating fashion and 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).

Sweet Roll informed the group of the F3 Credo, that we leave no man behind and no man where you found them. Sweet Roll then made a disclaimer that, I am not a professional, so please MODIFY as necessary. 

PAX moseyed to the track

Warm-A-Rama• 10 Sun Gods forward then back• 10 Tappy-Taps IC• 10 Side Straddle Hops


Sweet Roll asked the Pax to run I lap around the track at their own pace and in silence. After the lap they were to plank til the 6. Once the 6 is in the Pax was asked to now run a 1200 meter with ALL the chatter and encouragement for as others as they desired. They were instructed to complete the 1200 and then head directly to the turf field. 


Instructed the Pax to count off in groups of 3. One man goes to the West Sideline, One man in the middle and one man on the East sideline. You will do this exercise on the cards. When the man on each sideline has completed their workout they will holler to the man in the middle that they are finished. Once both sidelines’ men have completed their workouts the man in the middle will call them to the center to do an exercise together. This process will repeat itself until everyman has done the exercises on both sidelines and in the middle. 

West SL Middle East Sideline

20 merkins​​​​Plank ups(when solo)​​20 Workens​15 Frozen Freddies​​​In Group​​​15 Freddie Mercurys

10 Dry Docks​​​10 HR merkins​​​10 Shoulder Taps​

5 Diamond merkins​​10 arm curls​​​5 Diamond Merkins

5 Burpees​​​​10 Burpees​​​​5 Burpees

The Pax all just about finished when Sweet Roll called Omaha and instructed the pax to rush to the 50-yard line and get in a plak position. Sweet Roll then explained the Big Bang.

BIG BANG: Once everyone is in the plank position the Q calls out a number and an exercise. For example, “10 burpees,” means PAX stand up in an explosion of energy, run directly away from the 50, 10 yards and do 10 burpees, then run back to the 50 and plank for the 6. The next round can’t start until all PAX accounted for. The Pax performed in increasing counts (10 yards/squats 20 yards/merkins, 30 yards/monkey humpers, 40 yards/squats on the down, 50 yards/LVC’s on the up) representing the ever-expanding universe.

There was a little but of time left so Sweet Called out Tater Tot, then Fun Dip and then Haggis to pick their own exercise and distance.

Sweet Roll called Omaha at 6:07 AM​

PAX moseyed to the shovel flag and had them on their 6 to perform one go around of Sarpy Slammers.

Sweet Roll did the namorama and then pulled the FNG into the middle of the circle to be named. This HIM told us that he had two toddlers that were “Irish” twins. Then when asked what his tattoos meant he said that they were Irish. Sweet Roll heard Fire Walker yell out Car bomb as in Irish Car Bomb. Sweet Roll loved the name and it was at that moment the FNG became Irish Car Bomb or ICB for short. 

Announcements/Prayer Requests:  • Iron PAX• 2nd F and lunch• Payers for Those struggling with mental health concerns and those fighting cancer. • Info on the breast cancer awareness  pledge that member of the Pax or initiating.

COT: Sweet Roll explained the PAX that the 3 Fs, the F3 mission inspired todays workout. We ran in silence to remember our journey before F3 and then ran together to remind ourselves how much stronger we are together. As the pax grows the more fun the individual will have in F3.

Sweet Roll also talked about the importance of proper communication with the ones that you love. To face issues directly and without fear and to communicate to others what is happening so that they can help you if you struggle. 

Thanks to all of the PAX that came out to support my VQ! Your support means the world to me –Sweet Roll

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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