AO – Wild Kingdom

Q – Brad Pitt – Ketchup

PAX:Cheap Seats, T-Ball, Ruxpin, Obi-Wan, Lincoln Logs – 2x Respect, Thomas, Vandalay – Respect

We kicked off festivities at 5:30 on the nose and announced the mission statement, five core principles and the disclaimer. We had no FNG’s so we immediately moved in to preliminary instructions where Brad Pitt informed everyone that today was going to be all about form and motion and there not going to be any rapid fire merkins, speed drop squats or half count burpees….more on that later…  Once informed we moseyed to the parking lot by the bathrooms for Warmarama


Cherry Pickers – IC

Sun Gods – IC

Wind Mills – IC

Groin Stretchers – 10 count

Week Pickers – IC

The Thang

Once done with Warmarama we moseyed to the first field west of the flags for Arms and Core

4-count Merkins – 20

Freddie Mercuries – 20

4-count Diamond Merkins – 20

Flutter Kicks – 20

4-count Werkins – 20

BBSU – 20

Carolina Dry Docks – 20

Next mosey to the next field for Legs

Pulsing Lunges  – 20

Left Side Lunges – 20

Right Side Lunges – 20

Wind Springs – 20 yard Sprint with mosey back to starting point. 

Rinse and repeat 4 times.

Next mosey back to the shelter by the restrooms for more arms and more legs

Dips – 20

Left Leg Step ups – 20

Dips – 20

Right Leg Step ups – 20

Dips – 20

Mosey to the curb stops for calf raises

Calf raises – 30

Final mosey to the flag for Mary

6-inch hold

6-inch wide hold

6-inch hold

6-inch 45 degree hold

6-inch for 30 count



Due to the difficulty and slow nature of said exercises, Ketchup spent most of the morning wheezing and snorting so Brad Pitt did most of the leading this morning which carried into the sixth man. Tradition downrange is when they bring the 6th man into the circle and they have them talk about themselves beyond what we already know. Gives folks an opportunity to learn more about their fellow PAX members and improve on the 2nd F. The luck PAX member was Thomas where we learned about his job, his family and some of the things he enjoys doing. Following the 6th…I (Ketchup) talked about a moment that happened to me on September 17th 2021. I was leaving that day for the Oklahoma Nebraska Football game on a private plane with some co-workers and clients. I left the office in southern Omaha and started my drive west only to be cut off at 4 different intersections along the route due to a road closure. I finally got to a point where I was able to get on the other side of the closure and was frustrated and annoyed and upset because the detours had set me back 20 minutes and inconvenienced my day. And then I found out why the road was closed. On August 26, 2021 suicide bombers attacked the airport in Kabul during the evacuation of Afghanistan. 182 people were killed including of 13 American soliders. One of those soldiers was Corporal Daegan William-Tyeler Page who was 23 years old, was raised in Omaha Nebraska and graduated high school from Millard South…home of one of our most recent AO’s – Main Stage. On September 17th, Corporal Page was laid to rest at the National Cemetery in SW Omaha and the road closures were in place to allow his funeral procession to make its way to the cemetery.

The shame and embarrassment I felt at that exact moment hit me like a ton of bricks.  Here I was upset and annoyed that I got delayed for 20 minutes to get to an airport so that I could board a private plane and fly to Oklahoma to watch a football game and on the other side of those emotions was 23 year old kid who was being driven to his final resting place.  Humbling doesn’t quite express it.  We all have moments of frustration and annoyance but maintaining perspective is critical to making sure we understand our emotions.  Take a step back…look at the entire situation (not your biased opinion of the situation)…and base your emotions on the entire truth.  Moment of weakness and failure are necessary to identify our gaps and the lesson I learned that day is one I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

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Wild Kingdom

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