October 1, 2021//Boys Town//AO- The Oracle (7 a.m.)//60 comfortable degrees//
13 Pax: Vandelay (Respect), Z-Bo, Straight Flush, Dogge Coin, Poseidon, Skipper, Cyclone (Respect, Respect), Hey Hey!, Trademark, Toad Stool, Flowers, Shoeless Joe, Folsom.
Q: Folsom
Warm O’ Rama (10 minutes)

  1. Mosey to the practice football field
  2. Butt Kickers, ICx20
  3. Tappy Taps, ICx12
  4. ATM’s ICx8
  5. Hillbilly Squats ICx15
  6. Othello Anniversary Dance (Shnooks with standing Pickle Pushers) ICx12
  7. Don Quixote’s ICx12
    The Thang: Flippy Tires (15 minutes)
    Folsom split the PAX into 2 groups and had them each line up behind a tire. The first in line got to flip the tire while the others had to perform the following exercises. The flipper flipped the tire 3 times before running back to the group, and “pushing” them to the next exercise. The next in line ran to the tire and began flipping. Rinse and repeat until going through the list of exercises 3 or 4 times. Exercises:
    • Burpees
    • Big Boys
    • Summo Squats
    • Windshield wipers
    • Ranger Merkins
    • Gas Pumpers
    • Alternating Lunges
    • Box Cutters
    • Rinse and Repeat
    The (Post) Thang: WMD (10 minutes)
    Folsom had the PAX mosey on over to the other football field for something he likes to call the search for weapons of mass destruction. The PAX lined up on the goal line for a 20 yard Zombie Walk, then the W (20 Werkines). 20 yard Zombie Walk, then the M (20 Merkins). 20 yard Zombie Walk, 20 Diamond Merkins. 20 yard Zombie Walk, then 20 Squats. Final 20 yard Zombie Walk then 20 Big Boys. Folsom planned to do this at least twice, but the PAX was having so much fun flipping tires that he let that go long and only had enough time for 100 yards of Zombie Walk.
    The (Post) Post Thang: Derkins & Dips (3 minutes)
    Folsom realized they had a long mosey back to the shovelflags, so about halfway back Folsom stopped at some picnic tables and led the PAX through 2 rounds of 20 Derkins and 20 Dips. A few 10 counts were had before continuing the mosey back to the shovelflags for Mary.
    6 MoM (6 Minutes)
    • The following exercises were performed AMRAP for 30 seconds each, with a short rest after 30 then 60, then 90, then 60, and finally 30 seconds.
    • Flutter Kicks 30 seconds, rest, then
    • Flutter Kicks30 seconds then
    • Box Cutters 30 seconds, rest, then
    • Flutter Kicks 30 seconds then
    • Box Cutters 30 seconds then
    • LBC’s 30 seconds then rest
    • Box Cutters 30 seconds then
    • LBC’s 30 Seconds, rest, then
    • LBC’s 30 Seconds, rest
    • This was an absolute smokefest for the abs of the PAX. So Folsom welcomed a full 30 seconds of recovery time before finishing Mary.
    • 37 American Hammers (to Honor Nugent, who was 37 when his life was taken)
    Mummblechatter: It was light today. The hearts of the PAX are still heavy over the loss of one of our own. I did hear some complaints about the search for WMD’s while lunging and there was some mumblechatter about the burning of abs during Mary.
    Announcements/Prayers: Prayers were requested for Cory who is going through divorce, Folsom’s dad, Big Bear, who is recovering from surgery, and for everyone hurting over the tragic murder of Nugent, especially his wife and parents.

COT (I have to talk about Nugent.) We lost a bright light this week. If you ever had the pleasure of posting with Nugent, you knew that he always smiled, never complained, and worked hard to make everyone feel welcome. Since hearing about his murder, I’ve felt a lot of emotions. Chief among them were Anger, Sadness, and an overwhelming desire to understand why such a terrible thing could happen. It’s the main thing I have thought about since his shocking and senseless murder. That’s something I will never truly have an answer to. I was angry at the man who could take the life of such an outstanding HIM. I was mad at the criminal justice system that had let a career criminal to be out in society. I was sad for losing a friend, and even more sad for his wife and family for losing such an amazing man. AND I kept wondering why such a terrible thing could happen. If I let that anger consume me or that sadness to turn into depression or the confusion of why consume me, then I wouldn’t be posting anymore. I wouldn’t be taking the Daily Red Pill. I would no longer be a good father. I would no longer be a good partner. I would be another lost light. That’s true of everyone one of us. The only way I see to truly honor the HIM that Nugent was is to keep fighting. Keep trying our hardest to be good men. Good fathers. Good Husbands. Good leaders in our community. Do your best to replace the light we lost. Be kind, be generous, and smile. That’s what Nugent brought to the gloom. That’s what I’m going to do to do my best to honor him.
Aye- Folsom

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