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YHC attempted to start promptly at 7 am but struggled to get words out of his mouth. With the help of the PAX, the 3 F’s, the 5 core principles, and the mission statement were stated. While YHC was receiving hugs from the PAX, it was also mentioned that I am in fact not a professional.

This Backblast is going to look more like one long COT when compared to a normal backblast but I don’t care. The workout today for me honestly wasn’t really about the first F anyway.

YHC informed the PAX that today we were going to run. I hate running. Nugent hates running. The whole Clydesdale group surprise surprise hates running but I enjoyed, maybe even learned to love, running with Nugent so today we ran.

Earlier in the week, I had gotten the idea to run to Freedom Park from the Canyon since we hadn’t explored that area yet. For those who don’t know what Freedom Park is, it is a park no longer open to the public between the Canyon and the Airport that has a former military ship, submarine, and other various military equipment. Mac N Cheese amongst other stupid things we did in college would go there every once and awhile. I knew I wanted to make this part of my workout but hadn’t yet sat down and figured out what I wanted to do exercise wise and then Thursday happened and at no point after I found out the terrible news did I have the mental bandwith to decide what the workout was going to be other than running to Freedom park and back. I also knew that that ultimately was going to be okay because my F3 brothers were going to help me with the workout.

We took a long mosey and stopped for a brief warmarama, then continued running until the PAX determined it was a good spot for a pain station. Beta Max and Black Jack led us in Merkins (Black Jack was all about the Merkins today) and other various exercises then we moseyed some more. We ultimately stopped a couple times on our way to the park with more Merkins to be had. Upon getting to the park YHC led the PAX in air squats and cherry pickers followed by other PAX leading in flutterkicks and surprise more merkins. Mac N Cheese was the next PAX to step up and suggest an exercise with some calisthenics that him and Side Dish make their soccer teams do. Once complete it was time to start Moseying back.

For the mosey back, I said guys let’s slow it down some and leave some room for mumble chatter. Let’s hear favorite Nugent stories for anyone who would like to share. We ran slower but that time seemed to fly by with the laughs and smiles as stories flew back and forth.

We got back to the shovel flags in time to do a little Mary. YHC decided we were going to do 1 Turkish Get Up (Sorry big guy, not sorry) and we closed it out with 37 Rancid Style American Hammers.


Heartland Hope volunteers for 10/9 still needed

Karma Coffee has set up the “Chris Special” this weekend to help raise money for the Gradoville family


For Nugent, his family, friends, and all the people touched by this great HIM.


I am not okay. I am upset and angry with the world. I am pissed that my friend, my brother, has been stolen and I didn’t even get the chance to say good bye or express to him what his friendship has meant to me. But in this, I am not alone, we are not alone because I know I am not the only one feeling this way. Saferide expressed today that F3 is for this shit. It is great and wonderful and special when things are going great but when things aren’t going that way that is what the PAX is actually for. The 6 in the next couple weeks will have a different meaning because it won’t just be physical. I’m the 6 and I am thankful for the guys that have recognized that the last couple of days just like Nugent recognized it when we were being dumbasses pre-running when it was 0 degrees. The Canyon has “the best sunrise in the metro” but Nugent was my sunrise in the gloom. I’d roll up for the pre-run tired, groggy, questioning why we were doing this and would be greeted with “Come on man, let’s go, we going to bitch and moan or are we going to run?” And that was the jumpstart I needed to get going and reconfigure my attitude. Don’t get me wrong after the little pep talk and once we actually started running there was plenty of bitching to go around but it was together and that made all the difference.

That sunrise, Nugent, can never be replaced but it is on us to collectively bring more light to this world and no one person can do it on their own. There is very little in this situation that we can control except for our attitudes and what we do going forward. This true HIM is a man to emulate. Find something he did to replicate, find something you do well to make better, find the 6’s and strive to be the best HIM you can be because that’s all Nugent wanted for all of us.

Chris Gradoville – 37 – Nugent

I love you and I miss you



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