PAX: 32 #HIM & Chris Grandoville, 37 ~ Nugent

Q: Big House (VQ) & Escobar (CoQ)

YHCs stepped into the gloom of the circle of 32 #HIMs nearly all observing either the #PINKOUT in support of Project Pink’dor CU Blue in memory of Nugent. It was a powerful moment and sight to be seen. I would be remise if I didn’t acknowledge the heaviness of the moment and the tears in the eyes of the Pax. At 5:15 Escobar to welcomed 32 PAX shared that today’s intro would be slightly different. YHCs, in memory shared Nugent’s CoT with an emphasis on the final paragraph which read:

“Teams deal with adversity of all sorts, and on this team, the adversity and challenges we face are the everyday world called life! And I want to thank you all personally for letting me be a part of your team, as we tackle the challenges of this crazy ass world together, helping each other, and leaning on each other, to be better men, be better leaders, and be better lights of God. To wrap this up and end my COT the question I leave you with is, What team are you on? Who will you surround yourself with to make a strong powerful team to dominate life day in and day out? I ask myself this every day and I hope you do too!”

After a 30 second count down during a moment of silence. Big House shared what F3 stood for, our mission, 5 core principles, disclaimer and our credo. 

Warm-A-Rama + Pre-Thang 

PAX moseyed down to the center of the field for warm-a-ramawhere Escobar and Big House took turns in leading the dual-purpose WaR and Pre-Thang• Side straddle hops – 15 IC• Tappy Taps – 15• Big Ones – IC 10

Friday Focus: Shoulders • Merkins – 20 • Alternating Shoulder Taps – 15 IC• Carolina Dry Docks – 15 • Sun gods – 10 IC & Reverse• Cherry Pickers – 15 IC• Chinooks – 15 IC• Seal Claps – 15 IC• Overhead Claps – 15 IC• Shoulder Press – 15 IC


The Thang

Enjoying the mumble chatter post a shoulder burner routine and yes YHCs regrets not inserting Moroccan Nightclubs, we directed OT to do a quick headcount to determine the number of groups and coupons needed for “The Thang.” After a quick count to 32 PAX YHCs did a recount into 8 groups of 4 to determine the teams. You see, Escobar is not great at math so well, this was a feat but we got through it. 

YHCs directed the Pax to grab a coupon and unexpected detour mosey to the dirt track for “Coupon Relays” which would result in 1.) a small token of our appreciation for their #Hustle and 2.) and opportunity to DM YHCs for a z small donation to their AO of choice to #BCAM. 

Once at the track, Escobar turned on the MOJO Hip-hop playlist, leveraging Escobars Boombox, gave the #HIMs instructions, and off to the races where the teams of 4 completed in an AMRAP + Coupon Relay.1. First HIM carry 1 Coupon 1 Full Lap2. Hand Coupon to Next HIM for 1 Full Lap3. Continue until Team Completes 8 Full Laps

TEAM AMRAPS on Side of Field (off track) during Lap• Burpees• Merkins• Air Squats• Freddie Mercuries• Bonnie Blairs• Lunges• Bobby Hurleys• LBC

In retrospect YHCs really misjudged the distance of the lap and learned the beauty of “coupon angels” post beat down for those PAX who chose unorthodox methods for carrying 37 lbsof cement in what felt like a never-ending loop in the gloom. 

@ 5:50 YHCs called OMAHA much to hard hats displeasure, the PAX picked up the six and moseyed back to the shovel flags for the close, and awarded 8 PAX (Top 2 finishing teams) with a #BCAM souvenir. 


No time for MARY

Circle of Trust:

Big House: speaking from the heart shared a CoT focused on gratefulness and appreciation in the moment reflecting on recent and tragic events and the opportunity to be present in the moment and to not take for granted our love ones and time on this earth.

Announcements / TAPS

Escobar shared the why behind Project Pink’d, Founder Cynthia Sturgeon, and our loved ones fighting Breast Cancer.

TAPS: Pitstop’s M Lindsey, Marvel’s family member Cruz, Chris Grandoville and family, and the Pax of F3Omaha & Creighton University


32 HIMS & No FNGs

Rowdy prayed the PAX out

Ferdinand took a group picture to memorialize our launch of #BCAM in support of project Pink’d

“Their fight is our fight”


Escobar & Big House

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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