AO: The Helix 

Weather: 59 & Starsy 

PAX(15): Z-Bo, Mulligan (Respect), Chucky, Nickleback, Wax On, Scoober, Nailed It, House Party, Oompa, Pantyhose, Al Borland, Skipper, Sams Club, Birdman, TubeSocks. 

QIC: TubeSocks 

PAX met at shovel flags. 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, and disclaimer. 


Side straddle hop, Tappy-Taps, Big One’s, Tater Taps 

Pre-Pre-thang-Mosey to Baseball Field 

Pre-Thang: Core with cardio Foul Poles: with Freddies, heel touches, dying cockroaches, planks, wanks 

 Thang: 5:45-6:05 6-Cones (Cone 1 always pushes) Jog to each cone 

-Count off 1-4 (Stay with your group) 

1. Push Group: 20- Merkins, Peter Parker Merkins, Stagger Merkins, Hand Release Merkins 

2. Animal Style Squats (Throw up position hands on knees, squat, then burpee, back to throw up position), Calf Raises, Monkey Humpers, Bear Hold (Holding Bear Crawl position, 10 sec. increments) 

3. LBC’s, Heels to Heaven, Rosa Letas, Flutter Kicks 

4. High Knees, Apolo Ohno’s, Jump Lunges, Bobby Hurleys 


Last Tuesday lunch at Paradise, Thankful Trot on Thanksgiving, more info. to come, Veteran’s Day ruck in November 

Control your controllables. Kindness. Effort. Passion. 

Be kind to others.  Give every last ounce of effort within you towards achieving whatever task you face.  Project undeniable positive energy.  You cannot lose- Marty Smith       

Dare mighty things… 

Prayer….Coffee @ On Site

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