AO – Golden Spike

Q – Brad Pitt (2x Respect), Ketchup

Pax: 20 Men in body – 1 man in spirit – Chris Gradoville – 37 – Nugent – Honor


At 5:30 AM Mother Goose kicked us off and informed us of the news surrounding the tragic death of our fellow PAX Member Nugent. 20 HIM took a knee and we prayed our way into todays Beatdown.  Following the prayer Brad Pitt and Ketchup, recited the 5 Core Principles, Motto, Mission Statement and Disclaimer and moved into Warmarama. 



Warmarama consisted of two full laps around the track stopping every 200 yards for an exercise.  Exercises were:


20 – Ballerina Squats with and Audible Plie on the Up. 

20 – Cherry Pickers

20 – Oh Yeahs – 10 each side

21 – Silent SSH


Ketchup took note that on the Ballerina Squats, since no one was saying the numbers that he needs to change the system or do a better job of keeping track in his head as to the count.  We did not stop on 21 for SSH which resulted in 5 x 6-count burpees.  



The Pax moseyed to the south goal line and received instructions on what was next:


Staring at the goal line – Army Crawl to the 10 yard line and plank for the sixth.  Once in,  2 x tempo merkins.  Army crawl to the 20, plank for the sixth, 4x tempo merkins.  Repeat steps every 10 yards and increase merkins count by two until you get to the 50 where you finish with 10x tempo merkins. 

Starting at the 50 – broad jump to the 40, Al Gore for the 6th, 2x 6-count burpees.  Broad jump to the 30, Al Gore, 4x 6-count burpees.  Repeat steps every 10 yards and increase burpee count by two until you get to the North goal line and finish with 10x tempo merkins. 

At the North goal line, bear crawl 10 yards, plank, 2x tempo merkins.  Repeat steps every 10 yards and increase merkin count by 2 until you finish with 10x tempo merkins. 

At the 50, pulsing lunge 10 yards, al gore, 2x pop squats.  Repeat steps every 10 yards and increase pop squat count by 2 until you finish with 10 pop squats. 


Once done with the 200 yard gauntlet, we split into 4 groups and went to a series of cones that were spaced in a diamond pattern with one cone in the middle.   Group 1 had a rep count so each group AMRAP’d the exercise on the sheet at their cone until Group 1 yelled push.  At that point all the groups converged at a cone in the middle…waited for the six…and moved to the next cone.  While moving from cone to cone PAX were instructed to always face East which resulted in side shuffles, running and back pedaling as we moved through the cones.  The group made it through two complete rounds of the cones and Omaha was called. 


Exercises completed consisted of:

Box Cutters

Legs Out LBC’s

Heel Touches

Jack Knives



Dry Docks

Diamond Merkins



We converged at the 25 yard line for Mary where we completed rancid style war hammers (big boy situp with an American hammer) and Brad Pitt’s signature end – 6-inches.  We then moseyed back to the flags for Namarama



For namarama, 20 men showed up in body and 1 HIM in spirit so we went around the circle and everyone said their name – Chris Gradoville – 37 – Nugent – Honor.  Following that Mother goose announced a memorial today at Creighton Prep for Nugent starting at 11:45 with lunch to follow at 12:15.  Details are on slack under the mumblechatter feed.  Moving into the COT, I was emotional.  And the truth is, I didn’t know Chris.  I knew of him, posted with him a few times but never really talked to him.  And yet I found myself choking up as I talked.  And the reason I was like that was because of what F3 has meant to me over the last 10 months and how much to means to everyone that shows up each day to crawl the grass and snow and rain and heat.  And I know how those that did know him have to be feeling and that is what breaks my heart.  There is nothing I can say or anyone can say that is going to change this situation, make sense of it, make it better or make it go away.  The only thing you can do is move through.  In times like this you have to lean into the pain and the anger and the frustration and sadness and experience those emotions.  Process those emotions.  Accept how you feel.  If you avoid it, it will stay with you forever and you will never find your new normal.  For some, life will never be the same.  And you are always going to have some sense of pain when you think about this day and this moment.  In those moments take those emotions, feel them, work through, lean on your brothers and your friends and continue pushing through.  Leave no man behind and no man where you found him so stopping is not an option. 


One final comment that I failed to talk about during the COT as I wasn’t going to be able to get the words out is that the reason we met in the middle of the cone drill and the reason that we faced east as we moved through the cones was to symbolize that F3 is one nation, we are brothers and we always come together.  The sun always rises in the east and for us we have the responsibility to carry on.  To pick up our M’s, 2.0’s, fellow PAX and friends up and carry them into that next day.  Nugent isn’t able to do that anymore…so we have to do it for him.    


Brad Pitt closed us out and prayer and we adjourned.

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