Westside Career Center-63 degrees-Calm 

At 05:30 the Q welcomed the PAX to F3
Went over F3 Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles, Disclaimer and Credo.
After the formalities, we moseyed to the parking lot behind the building.We reluctantly left our Site Q behind due to a sprained ankle that he had from the weekend.

Q; Edison HIM: Khakis (RESPECT), Wentworth, Trademark, Sportiva, Hooskow, Kill Switch, Cyclone (RESPECT), Tin Cup, Barbershop, Ice-T
Warm-o-rama:-15 SSH IC-10 Tappy Taps IC-10 Big Ones IC (with an extended count on 3)-10 Sun Gods, forward and backward IC-10 Abe Vigodas IC -10 Imperial Walkers IC
We then counted off into 4s for later since we were circled up.

We moseyed up to the hill on the SE side of the campus for the pre-thang. We picked up an “injured, but still willing to exercise” Ice-T along the way.  A true HIM.
Pre-Thang:The PAX partnered up for the hill. While 1 PAX ran to the top of the hill to do 20 Monkey Humpers-in cadence, the other PAX did Overhead Claps until their partner returned from the hill.PAX did this until Omaha was called at about 05:40

The Thang:The PAX got into their previously numbered groups and went to one of 4 stations.
Group 1 was supposed to be the push group.  (The Q had figured out at each step how not to do this and will do better next time.)
Station 1:30-Ranger Merkins30-Big Boy situps30-Jump Squats10-Burpees
Station 2:30-Merkins30-WWII situps30-Bonnie Blairs10-Burpees
Station 3:30-Alternating Shoulder Taps30-Frozen Freddys30-Copperhead Squats10-Burpees
Station 4:45 count-Plank30-Flutter Kicks30-Apollo Onos10-Burpees
The PAX had completed about 3 rotations of this and then Omaha was called at 06:03.

6MOMThe Q let a few of the PAX chose a Mary exercise. 15LBCs with a hold at the end IC 15 Low Dolly’s 15 Heels to Heaven American Hammers (Rancid style)

COTEdison read a very old poem about not being distracted and being in the moment.We all too often check our social media while at work or emails while we’re at home playing with our kids, etc.
Work while you workPlay while you play;One thing each time,That is the way.All that you do,Do with your might;Things done by halvesAre not done right.
NO announcements Ice-T took us out in prayer.
Aye, -Edison

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