Q – Brad Pitt (2x Respect) & Ketchup

PAX:  Kobayashi, Mufasa, Hawg (Respect), Butterfly (Respect), Barn Door, Lincoln Logs (2x Respect), Crab Cakes, Tonight Show, Gator, Escobar, Obi-wan, Cheap Seats, Blades of Glory, Fine Print

Festivities started at 5:30 on the dot where we stated the mission statement, five core principles, disclaimer and explained that today was going to be another full range of motion type of day. From the flags we started off to Warmarama with instructions to keep it down in the neighborhood so as to avoid angering the Karens.


For warmarama, we moseyed into the neighborhood and stopped at 6 different intersections to get warmed up. 


Sun Gods – 10 each way

Windmills – 10

Imperial Walkers – 10

Michael Phelps – 10

Groin Stretches – 10 – 3 second pulses

Weed Pickers – 10

The Thang

We moseyed East to the bottom of the hill adjacent to the road and announced alarm clock merks…and not rapid fire merkins but 4 count temp merkins.  Start at 12, rotated to 3, rotated to 6 and rotated to 9…10 reps at the locations.  The groans were audible.  We then went to the bottom of the hill and did 20 reps of freddy mercuries and 20 reps of box cutters.  Then it was back on the hill for a repeat of the alarm clock merkins.  Once that was done we were supposed to have returned to the bottom of the hill for a second round of ab work but Ketchup got foggy amongst the sweat and lack of oxygen and he spaced it off so we started with leg work.

Still at the hill we started at the bottom and did pulsing 3 count lunges to the top, duck walked down, bernie sanders up, reverse pulsing 3 count lunges down and bernie sanders back up.  Ketchup decided to call this circuit of movement “quads of fire” and will be used in the future.

Once done with hill work, we moved to the street for some running.  The road was split into ‘roughly’ 4 equal distances between the path at the bottom and the stop sign at the top and we progressed between each section with a sprint, a mosey, a sprint and a mosey.  We then repeated that down the hill which counted as one round.  We did this for a total of  3.5 rounds and finished at the top of the hill.  I will note that due to the width of the road and quantity of PAX members we split the group into two so we all could fit but mathing proved to be hard so some adjustment had to be made as the running progressed.  T-claps to group 1 (Brad Pitts Group) as they did a great job sticking together for the entire runathon while group 2 (Ketchups Group) looked like a group of kids on a field trip at the zoo.  We got the work done but it wasn’t pretty.

Finally we moseyed over to the basketball court where we completed 10 squat pops, bear crawls to half court, 5 – 6 count burpees and bear crawl to the baseline.  At this moment Ketchup muttered the words he had been waiting to say all morning…Omaha.


For Mary we completed one round of rancid style hammers and Brad Pitts 6-inch routine:

6-inch hold

6-inch wide hold

6-inch hold

6-inch 45 degree hold

6-inch for 30 count

It was at that moment we were done.


Todays 6th man was Barn Door and he filled us in on his job, his family and how he got his name…which I guess was tied to something unfortunate that happened with his zipper.  Prayers to several folks in the group who were dealing with sickness.

For the message I (Ketchup) continued with the COT from Tuesday were I talked about the shame and embarrassment I had felt at that moment on September 17th but commented on how those moments are only useful when you follow them with change and progress.  I lifted up my good friend Stiches who had his VQ today and talked about how much his friendship and leadership has helped me over the years.  I talked about the term languishing and how earlier this summer I was stuck in that feeling which is okay as long as you don’t stay there forever.  In the moment of fear and embarrassment and shame, learn from it, surround yourself with those things that allow you to continue to move forward and celebrate the things you do well as much as you focus on the things you don’t do well.  Brad Pitt closed us out in prayer and we adjourned.

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