The Berm – Great Day for a Beatdown

September 30, 2021 / AO – The Berm / Temperature: 65degrees with a nice light rain

Pax:  Patton (R), LPC, Lite Brite, Al Borlan, Sam’s Club, Villa, Scoober, Doppler, Panty Hose, Toto, Nailed It, House Party, Q-Tip (R-R), Ompa, Hoser, and Birdman

Q: Wentworth  ​

Started promptly and welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30.  The Disclaimer, and 5 Core Principles were given. No FNG’s this am


The PAX moseyed around the trail for a lap and then circled up in the middle of the soccer field for warm-a-rama.   1. Sun Gods x 10 IC forwards then backwards 2. Windmills 103. Tappy Taps 104. Big Ones 105. Mountain Climbers x 15 IC6. Butt Kicks x 10 IC7. High Knees x 10 IC


Counted off in 4 groups and then split the groups with 2 on one goal line and 2 on the other for a little relay race.  YHC’s intention was to have the team’s race, but it was so dark that is was impossible to tell who won.  Chalk this one up to Q mistake number 1 for the day.  YHC then decided that we would all do 10 burpees as that is what the losing teams were going to do anyway.  


Station to Station with 3 cones

***  Push Group started at station 3 with 20 Bobbie Hurley’s to give the other groups time to get into their exercises before being “pushed”​1) Used the tennis court fence for some wall exercisesa. Chicken Peckers 10 ICb. Donkey Kicks 10 on upc. 30-second Wall Sit with Cherry Pickersd. Flutter Kicks 20 IC2) Cone and head lamp were used to mark this area for exercisesa. Bear Crawl and Crawl Bear using the Berm on the west side of the parkb. Apollo One’s 20 ICc. Crab Cakes 15 ICd. Plank Jacks 20 IC3) Last station could have maybe used some additional description on exercises, but mistake # 2 for YHCa. Patty Cake Merkins 20 on downb. Leg push downs 15 with partner and then switch (plan was to hold onto heels of your partner and then they push your feet down and then you raise them back up) There is probably a great F3 Name for this exercise, but I didn’t know it.  c. 30-sec High Kneesd. 10 / leg Alternating Lunges

Rinse and Repeat until pushed

Wentworth called Omaha at 6:06am.  

YHC likes to find a couple new exercises for the PAX and I wanted to keep the groups moving around the park with a push group.  Thank you to everyone for being patient and working with me through this workout.

MOM:1. Freddy Mercury’s 15 IC2. Low Dolly’s 15 Open3. Box Cutters x 15 IC4. Gas Pumpers 10 IC5. American Hammers Rancid Style


​2nd F lunch this Friday at Oscars – Doppler says top 3 wings in Omaha

​3rd F opportunities upcoming in October

​​Heartland Hope Sat 10/9 from 9:00-12:30 – 2021 U Street RSVP Wentworth

​​Pink’d Project starts tomorrow, donate and wear pink for October

​Prayers for those directly and indirectly affected by Breast Cancer

COT: ​Romans 12:10 Love one another with brotherly affection; outdo one another in showing honor.  No one ever said that living the life of a HIM would be easy.  The following words help give perspective:


​To apologize​​​To avoid mistakes

​To start over​​​To endure success

​To take advice​​​To profit by mistakes

​To be unselfish​​To forgive and forget

​To admit error​​​To think and then act

​To face a sneer​​To keep out of a rut

​To be charitable​​To make the best of little

​To keep trying​​​To subdue an unruly temper

​To be considerate​​To shoulder a deserved blame

BUT IT ALWAYS PAYS OFF​​​( by Jim Burns)

TNT discussion revolved around Romans 12 and these items above as the HIM discussed which ones touched them the most and shared some issues they are facing today.

We ended in prayer.  

With Love,


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