9/29/21 //AO- Heavy Metal//65 Degrees//

Pax: Romeo, Black Flag, Folsom, Stella, Spacebar, Zeebo, Bloodshot, Jackrabbit, Spreadsheets, Doll Face (Respect), Golden Pike, Super Tasty, Super Nasty, Bonnie, Edison, Beta Max,

Q:  Samples


  • One lap around the park

The Thang:  to the theme of 12 Days of Christmas – Rise Repeat and Add one

1  Burpie

2  Ranger Merkins

3  Sumo squats IC

4  Shoulder Taps IC

5  Bent over Flys

6  Upright rows

7  Carolina Dry Docks

8 Punch outs

9 Big Boy Sit ups

10 Arnold Presses

11 Flys

12 Squats

13 Ax Chops

14 Alternating Lunges

15 Alternating Curls


29 American Hammers

COT:  About a year ago I gave a COT at the District Murph about ROLO’s.  Not the candy but the best way I can get right with God:

Reflect, Observing, Listening, and Obeying.

I have been trying to follow those four easy steps through spending time with our Sky Q mostly every Saturday morning in quiet and sometimes not so quiet reflection.  I am intrigued and also miffed at the easy the first three steps happen.  Yes – it is easy for me to spend time reflecting, observing, and listening.  I go to a quiet place and I give Him my heart and my thoughts and he reminds me that my life has purpose.  I am here for a specific and special purpose.  I am also reminded of the tasks, duties, jobs, missions, He asked me to complete the last time I was reflecting – usually last Saturday.  Yes – it is easy to spend time with him or with the other ones we love but most of the time, we need to complete the mission we were built for. 

A few of you might know this – but I was not supposed to be here.  I was the result of an unplanned pregnancy.  I was adopted when I was 8 days old, grew up in a loving family and then about 6 years ago had the opportunity to meet my birthmom and get to know her and her family.  Every second of my life is a gift but my life is no more extraordinary than each of yours.  We need to live each breathe of our lives like we are on borrowed time.  SO my challenge to you is:  How are you making a positive difference in your world today?  How are you a blessing to others?


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