Cool 62 degrees. PAX: Polaroid, Rucksbin, Tin Cup, Stella, Honey Stinger, Ice T, Flanders, Toadstool, Vandelay, Edison, Doll Face, Dome, Jackrabbit, Folsom, QIC: Huffy.

Welcomed the PAX with the standard greeting, motto, credo, disclaimer.

Mosied over the the turfed park area north of HDR for Warm’o’rama.

SSH x 20
Imperial Walkers x20
Sun Gods x 10×10
Copper Head Squats x 20

Pre-thang. Turned on the tunes, and started a TABATA workout. 35 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

Jump tucks, bonnie blairs, groiners, squats, plank jacks, repeat 4x

Mosied back to the playground. Broke into pairs and headed to 1 of 2 stations. w/ a coupon, 1 w/o a coupon.

Did the exercises on that round, and then ran to the stage and back, but alternated stations. On the way back, you did a burpee that increased by 1 each time you stopped there.

6mom- flutter kicks, low dollys, hammers.

COT- all about power! Fun facts leading into Jackrabbit’s discussion after at Roast.


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