Q: Second Chance

19 PAX: Gunner, Side Dish, Khakis, Finkle, Vanilla Ice, Water Boy, Grillz, Thing 2, Dome, Huffy, No Doze, Vandaly, Skipper, Icey Hot, Black Jack, Grease Fire, Tater Tot, Shooter McGavinand Second Change. 

The Q was racing down Dodge to make it to the pre-run in time. Pulling up right at 4:45, the Q joined Gunner, No Doze, Vandaly, and Tater Tot for a 3 mile pre-run along the normal Paradise pre-run route. As the group rounded the last corner, they could see the rest of the Pax gathered around the shovel flags. The group of pre-runners pulled up around 5:10 which offered five minutes of mumble chatter before the beatdown began. 

Second Chance welcomed the HIM and listed off the 5 core principles, the disclaimer and the mission statement with a little help from the PAX remembering what was forgotten. Then, the group headed out for a very traditional string of pearls style workout along the traditional Paradise Island route. About 2.7 miles of running with a series of pain stations along the way. 

Pain Stations: 

Station one was 20 reps of each exercise. Station two was 15 reps and station three and four were 10 reps. 


Bonnie Blares 

Air Squats 



Mountain Climbers (in cadence)

As the PAX rounded the corner toward the final hill in Regency, they stopped in the grassy area to complete 10 burpees before making our final ascent. As the PAX started the push to the top of the hill, Second Chance drifted towards the back to pick up the six. He came across Thing 2 who had slowed to a walk halfway up. Thing 2 admitted he hadn’t run this much in years, which brought a slight smile to Second Chance. Around 5:45 the PAX began the final stage of the run back to the shovel flags. Second Chance ran with Khakis and Tater Tot. Khakis mentioned how the Plague use to take an alternative and longer route back to the shovel flags before quickly stating that wasn’t necessary for today and we should just stick to the original plan. We ended with some American Hammers at the shovel flags. 


No Doze and Black Jack were still looking for one or two people to join their Market to Market team. 

Prayer Request: None


For Second Chance’s COT he reflected on all the good things that had happened in his life for the last year or so. However, whenever a good thing happens, he tends to minimize its affect in anticipation of something bad that may or may not occur. Rather than focusing on the positive and living in the moment, Second Chance tends to focus on the possible negatives that haven’t even occurred yet. The final take away was to take some time to be present and focus on the positives in our lives. Stop and smell the roses and don’t worry about potential negatives that haven’t even occurred yet.

Tater Tot took us out in our final prayer.

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