9/27/21 – Stormbreaker – You’re where God wants you

Weather- real, real nice.

Q – Slow Pitch 

17 Pax – Tony the Tiger, Grease Fire, Mulch, Animal House, Motown (Respect), Chip n Dale, Farva, Bear Grylls, Supe, Over Time, The Plague, Pain Killer, Fine Print, Icy Hot, Escobar, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch

Slow Pitch pulled up into the parking lot at 5am and noticed a shadow of a man near his vehicle. It was dark, but clear skies and out at the breaker of storms there aren’t too many city lights yet, so you can see the stars. That shadow was of Grease Fire planting a shovel flag. Slow Pitch asked Grease if he wanted to come along while he set up cones in the large parking lot, that was going to be a place where more confusion than exercise was about to happen. The two chattered a little and Grease watched in amazement or amusement of Slow Pitch setting out 6, kick ass, light up cones, perfectly spaced by the painted parking lines. There was another cone just off, but it significance was larger than most will know, as it prevented pile ups of men running backwards in the dark. The Q asked the fire of greaseness if he wanted to go for a short mosey to the warmarama location and he agreed. They two ran up behind the school across the street and then back.  On the way back, the perfectly spaced, light up cones (still kicking ass) were a thing of beauty. It may or may not have been discussed out loud, but the Q was pretty proud of the orange, glowing triangles arranged perfectly. Clearly this was the highlight of Slow Pitch’s morning.

Enough already. 15 men then showed up, the mission statement was said, the principles nailed and the I’m not a professional was forgotten. Anyway, lets mosey.

The pax did a short quarter mile mosey around the back of the school and gathered on the blacktop for Warmarama.

Warmarama: Circle up, we are about to do something new. Typed words don’t captivate the mis-instruction or mispronunciation of words or confusion of what the Q was explaining with aAir Squat/Lunge combo. We just went with it and the pax caught on quicker than the Q did. So, any time the Q got to the Center Squat and said “down,” it sounded identical to “set her down or setter down or sitter down.”

​Air Squats/Lunges: Center Squat, Right Squat, Center Squat, Left Lunge Front, Center Squat, Left Squat, Center Squat, Left Lunge Back, Center Squat: 4-9 completed (lost count)with left legs lunging

Jump Squats: 20

​SSH feet forward backward, not out/in: 20 IC 

​Person 10 count disguised as an exercise/stretch: Touch your toes for a 10 count, then reach for the stars for 10. 2X 

​Q has some breath…here we go

​Jump Squats: 20

Air Squats/Lunges: Center Squat, Right Squat, Center Squat, Right Lunge Front, Center Squat, Left Squat, Center Squat, Right Lunge Back, Center Squat: 5-8 (same deal as before) with right legs lunging ​

Mosey back to parking lot.

Thang: Set out 6 cones in zig zag to run forward/backward 20 yards. Forward 3 backwards 3.

Pair up. Count teams 1-10 or however many. Line up with teammate at cone each exercise will have 20 reps. 

Once again, Slow Pitch’s explanation was so clear that Tater Tot had to give clarity instructions, as he is one of the only men that knows how to interpret his older brother’s words and make them sound like there is some sense to them. Extra credit points go to him for translation.

Team one does 2 burpees at start 18 at end, team 2 does 4 and 16 at end, 3 does 6 and 14, so forth. This will allow for spacing. Bernie back to first cone. 

Repeat with following exercises:

Jump Tucks



Gas Pumpers: IC​

Hand Release Merkins

Monkey Humpers: IC

Alt Lunges: IC

Rinse and Repeat until Omaha at 6:07

Mosey to Flags for Mary:

Freddy Mercuries: 51 IC

There were 4 Mary exercises planned, but Slow Pitch was feeling great and just kept rolling on the Fred’s.

There were announcements (check Slack) and pray intentions.

COT: I was running with Grillz the other morning and discussing some of the challenges that I am encountering, in my professional life, that is spilling into my family life. There are frustrations that I am experiencing because some of these things don’t necessarily align with how I see they ought to, even though, I believe they are morally, ethically, personally,and motivationally correct. He made a statement that almost made me buckle because I couldn’t see it myself. 

I feel F3 has been a platform that has been preparing me for a time in my life, like I am currently experiencing. I am not the most physically fit, can’t run the fastest, the furthest or the strongest, but I spend a significant number of mornings in the gloom with you gentlemen. I choose to pre run before workouts,not because I like running, but for the extra mumble chatter and connection with another man. I get to listen to them and their life, to have someone give me a solution or connection or revelation that I don’t have the ability to come up with by myself. This can continue with the same guy in the workout or another, but this time helps me be prepared for the rest of my day and reset before I get going with my family, then at work and the world. It’s a reboot for myself and hopefully for those around me. You want to know what Grillz told me? You are where God wants you. This is the answer I couldn’t come up with by myself. So simple, so impactful so much what I needed.

My point: Open your ears and your mouth when you run, if you have some extra breath and your life will improve.

Prayer: Icy Hot

Thank you for letting me lead!

-Slow Pitch

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