26 September 2021

AO: Rabbit Hole

Weather: 50s, clear

PAX (13): Frosty, Demogorgon, Folsom, Jeeves (Respect), Lansbury, Tin Cup, Side Dish, Bam Bam (Hate), Doppler, FNG (The Ocho – Hate), Rain Delay (Hate), Buns of Steel, Pantyhose

QIC: Pantyhose

Pre-run (3): Frosty, Jeeves (Respect), Pantyhose

The weather was nearly perfect for a prerun and beatdown at Rabbit Hole. PH arrived early, about 0600 to establish the locations where we would conquer the morning. Cones were set near the Pavilion and another set over at the ball field parking lot with a bonus – 2 coupons! It was still very dark at 0600 and there is very little lighting near the ball fields. There was a moment of nervousness when trying to establish the set of cones on the hill adjacent to the parking lot. As PH climbed the hill, he was startled by what appeared to be another human being…turns out, it was just a sneaky trash can. Whew! Cones set and then back to the Rabbit Hole parking lot to await the prerunners.

Frosty arrived at 0620 with Jeeves shortly after. PH was humbled to accompany these 2 HIM on their prerun festivities. Some great second F took place during the prerun…Jeeves and Frosty were chatting it up with PH listening intently. As we made our final approach back towards the AO, we would enter the Pavilion parking lot (west of the pond) and another brief moment of apprehension…a car in the parking lot with two gentlemen outside, one holding a sack.  It turns out they were friendly (not foes) and offered words of encouragement for the trio of prerunners. “Seize the Day, runners!” one of them yelled from the gloom. And as if one comment wasn’t enough, he offered another, “Seize the day by the balls!” Frosty offered gratitude and a wave and the trio continued on…it was going to be a fantastic morning.

Prerunners arrived back at the shovel flags about 0650 to the PAX assembling. It was a small but mighty group. A few more emerged and two others would roll in hot during the opening words (Tin Cup) and the opening mosey (Side Dish).

YHC, on behalf of The Helix, welcomed the PAX at 0700, recited the 3F’s, mission statement, five core principals, and disclaimer. One FNG 2.0 was in attendance (welcome The Ocho). Doppler’s 2.0’s, both in attendance, had talked a friend into joining for the beatdown.  That’s not entirely true…Doppler let his 2.0’s have a sleepover on one condition…they would be present at Rabbit Hole on Sunday morning. Challenge accepted and we welcome FNG Easton (The Ocho).

PAX moseyed around the north side of the pond and around to the east side of the Pavilion where they circled up for Warm-o-rama

Warm – o – Rama

  • SSH x 15 IC
    • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
    • Tappy Taps x 10 IC
    • Windmills x 10 IC
    • Planking (neutral for 10 count, right arm up for 10 count, left arm up for 10 count, right leg up for 10 count, left leg up for 10 count)

At the completion of Warm-o-rama the PAX moseyed over to the west side of the Pavilion to the green space next to Benson Park Road for the Pre-Thang


PAX formed a line in the grass next to the road and performed the following exercises led by Pantyhose. There were 2 cones about 25 yards apart. At the completion of the first round the PAX moseyed up the hill to the second cone round 2. Then back to the road for round 3 and then up the hill for round 4. The Pre-Thang ended after 6 rounds.  

  • Nolan Ryan x 10 each side
    • Mahktar N’ Daiyes x 10 IC
    • Merkins x 10

Short mosey across the parking lot for some dips and step-ups on the rail.

  • Dips x 15
    • Step ups x 10 IC
    • Rinse and repeat 4x

Mosey to the basketball court for the 4th F à FUN! (well kinda)

4th F (Fun): Basketball

PAX would split up into 2 groups a good ol’ fashioned dodgeball game. The punishment for getting “out” in dodgeball was 3 burpees. All had fun – at least they acted that way – and after three games it was time to get back to work.

The Real Thang

PAX moseyed across the Cole Creek bridge, to the Dill Field Parking lot and Pantyhose mentioned that it would not be a true, Helix sponsored beatdown, if we didn’t have some hill work. Fortunately, there is a moderate hill next to the parking lot.

PAX lined up in the grassy median of the parking lot. Pantyhose had a list of exercises and would lead the PAX through the list as 2 PAX members could grab a coupon, rifle carry across the lot, carry up the hill and back down, then rifle carry back to the PAX. Exercises would continue and the next 2 PAX in line would take the coupon. The PAX were able to get through two rounds of coupon carries. Exercises:

Chuck Norris Merkin x 20 | Hydraulic Squat x 20 IC | Freddie Mercury x 20 IC | Burpees x 10 | Alternating Shoulder Taps x 15 IC | Monkey Humpers x 20 IC | Heels to Heaven x 15 IC | Sun Gods X 10 IC Forward/Backward | Diamond Merkins x 20 | Copperhead Squats x 20 IC| LBCs x 20 IC |  Hand Release Merkins x 15 | Bonnie Blair x 20 IC | Big Boy Sit Up x 20 | Mt Climbers x 20 IC

This part of the beatdown was inspired by a Helix workout led by Wait Time. Omaha was called at 0750 and the PAX moseyed back across the bridge to the shovel flags for Mary.


  • Flutter Kicks – 20 IC
    • American Hammers – Rancid style 2x (26 IC)


  • Breast Cancer Awareness – Escobar and Skidz


  • People struggling with addiction
    • Uhaul in Virginia
    • Jeeves interview this week


I shared some excerpts from a book I recently read by Kris Paronto, titled “The Patriot’s Creed”. It is a book that offers inspiration and advice for living a heroic life. It is a very good book told through real life stories and centers around the 7 Army Values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage. Kris Paronto is a former Army Ranger and private security contractor and most notably was one of the soldiers documented in the book and movie “13 Hours”, which recounts the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Chapter 5 – Respect

A few excerpts, specific to self-respect, that I shared with the PAX:

  • Self-respect is a precondition for earning the respect of other people.
    • Honesty is an important dimension of self-respect, in the sense that you need to figure out who you are and how to be yourself in order to have true self-respect.
    • Everyone is not good at everything. But everyone has something to contribute.
    • When people are recognized for the things that they are genuinely good at they develop self confidence and the motivation to strengthen their skills. That creates self-respect.
    • When people are self-confident, they won’t be intimidated if someone else is better at a particular skill.

To me, this embodies F3. Every PAX member has something to bring to the table.

Go be great today gents!



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