AO: Wild Kingdom | September 21st, 2021 | 50deg & perfect

Q: Griswold

PAX: Obi Wan, Yodel, Ruxpin, Lite Brite, Barn Door, Mufasa, Escobar, Blades of Glory, T-ball, Cheap Seats, Tonight Show, Gator, Mr. Miyagi, Thomas, Hard Hat, Griswold

4:45am – I was actually a little bit behind this morning but as I pulled up the pre-runners were already off and running.  Nice job fellas.  I only had a little bit of set up to do, but of course one of my lights wasn’t working although it was the day before.  My man Gator came through in the clutch and had one I could borrow.

4:57am – I took off for a mosey in the opposite direction to meet up with the pre-runners.  Ran into Cheap Seats, Gator and Blades.  Our man Barn Door had a calling from Nature but he made the beatdown in time. 

5:30am – Welcomed the PAX to the wild kingdom.  Mission Statement and core principles given, no FNG’s today.

We mosey’d over to the boat ramp for some WoR.

WoR – SSH IC x 15

Tappy Taps IC x 15

Big Ones IC x 10

Sun Gods each way x 10 IC

Pre-Thang: Double D’s on the picnic benches. 20 Derkins then 20 dips.  Did that for 2 rounds and moseyed south the soccer field for the thang.

The Thang:  4 man grinder.  Had 16 men out today so worked perfect. 

Station 1 ( Push Group ) – 10 burpees (run to next cone)

Station 2 – AMRAP Werkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Merkins ( Bear crawl to next station )

Station 3 – AMRAP Hydraulic Squats, Bonnie Blairs, Squats ( Run to next station )

Station 4 – AMRAP Heels to Heaven, low dollies, frozen freddies

We almost got through 4 rounds of this before Omaha was called.

6MoM – Rancid style hammers

NoR, Announcements, Prayer requests

Announcements: Mufasa Golf League, Tclaps again to crab cakes for the valas admission, Hard Hat and Iron PAX schedule.

COT:  No fancy quotes or book passages from me today, instead I wanted to just talk about my reflection of the past year with F3.  I talked about my first post which was Wide Rights VQ at top rope.  Had two of the best guys to get paired up with in that grinder as well which was Othello and Honey Stinger.  It was a blast and like the majority, I was hooked right away.  The following week, Wide Right informed me that there was an “Iron PAX” challenge and I was like cool let’s do it.  I about lost it on Wide Right after that and kindly asked him to give me a little heads up on something like that.  But what came of it was magical.  We were 15 minutes late, so naturally we were the last to finish and FDIC must’ve done 150 lunges with me after he had already completed the challenge.  Never had met the guy and he did that with me.  Thought that was so unbelievable at the time and made a huge impact on me.  I talked more about what I consider to be one of my best friends and a guy I talk to almost every single day in Hard Hat and how he’s my unspoken shield lock.  I also talked about my first pre-run and how I got buried but learned such a valuable lesson from my brother Slow Pitch on what it meant to pick up the 6 and the importance of it.  What it all comes down to is that I’m in debt to F3 and all it’s given to me but I’ll continue to repay it and pay it forward to others where I can.  Thank you for embracing me and making me feel welcomed to F3. 

Thank you again to Thomas for having me out to Q and for supporting Wild Kingdom. 



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Wild Kingdom

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