PAX (18)- Ruxpin, Cuban, Nitro, Baby Shoes (Hate Hate), Bear Grylls, Mufasa, Yodel, Tee Ball, Rollbar,
Fine Print, Splinter, Kielbasa, Paramount, Pain Killer, FNG (Durango- Hate Hate, but welcome), Sister Act,
Ketchup, Brad Pitt (Respect Respect)

Q- Dr. Thunder

Dr. Thunder showed up at 5:05, just late enough to not feel obligated to pre run with Sister Act and Fine
Print and set up stations. When Sister Act was done running we went down to the field and he set up
his speaker for music during the Thang. Last time Dr. Thunder Q’d Sticky Bandit gave him a ton of crap
for not having music, so I didn’t want to get yelled at by any of the other PAX members.
Dr. Thunder welcomed the PAX at 5:30 sharp, went over the 5 core principles and mission statement.
We welcomed a FNG named Sam, but was later named Durango due to being a student at UNO. I think
we all know looking at Dr. Thunder, he is not a trained professional and that exercises were merely a
suggestion and to modify if necessary. After that we moseyed down to the field and began Warm-O-

Side Straddle Hops (10 IC)
Tappy Taps (10 IC)
Big Ones (10 IC)
Cherry Pickers (10 IC)
Sun Gods (10 Each Direction IC)

The PAX lined up on the 50 yard line and were to broad jump, followed by a lunge on each leg until they
reached the goal line.

The Thang:
The PAX numbered off into groups of 4. There were 4 stations set up on the 30 yard line on both sides
of the field. Instead of having one push group, each group was to be their own push group with the idea
to not be caught by the group behind them. The purpose of this was hoping to tie into the COT at the
end. Each group was to do one exercise on the list, run to the center of the field, then backpedal or
karaoke to the next station. The PAX set a blistering pace throughout the workout and everyone did an
incredible job. There was a little congestion at times in the center of the field, but Dr. Thunder only saw
one incident where PAX ran into one another and hit the turf.

Station 1:
– 8 Burpees
Station 2- 25 of each exercise:
– Freddie Mercuries
– Low Dolly’s
– Box Cutters
– Heel Touches
– Heels to Heaven
Station 3- 25 of each exercise:
– Bobby Hurley’s
– Air Squats
– Monkey Humpers
– Copperhead Squats
– Bonnie Blairs
Station 4- 25 of each exercise:
– Merkins
– Alternating Shoulder Taps
– Werkins
– Diamond Merkins
– Ranger Merkins

Omaha was called at 6:00, which was a little earlier than normal for the sole reason that Dr. Thunder
didn’t want to do 8 more burpees. The PAX met back at the shovel flags for Mary.

Dr. Thunder called on PAX to name the exercise

  1. 20 Box Cutters- Ketchup
  2. 20 LBC’s- Tee Ball
  3. 20 Gas Pumpers- Ruxpin/Kielbasa
  4. 19 American Hammers Rancid Style

The reasoning behind the workout and focusing on not getting caught by the group behind was to
encourage the PAX to not get complacent in life. Whether it is at work or something else in life, there is
always someone behind you that wants what you have. Don’t look in the rear view mirror and get
comfortable and allow people to pass you by. Look forward and accelerate in everything in life.
Likewise, if you are stuck behind someone in the workplace, out work others and pass them by.

Prayers and Announcements:
There were no prayer requests. Cuban is having a fundraising night at Chipotle for a foundation them
him and his wife chair. See slack for details. Rollbar also had an announcement, but the Dr. wasn’t
quite clicking on all cylinders at the conclusion. I’m sure he will post it on Slack or Twitter. My apologies

I appreciate the support of the PAX and the opportunity to lead this morning. Thanks for your help
Sister Act, Bear Grylls, Tee Ball and Greasefire.


Dr. Thunder, MD

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