09/22/21 45 degrees. A little chill with arm being hidden for the first time in a while.

Q: Armbar

PAX 15-Flanders, Gator, Blades of Glory, Wax On, Barber Shop, Doggy Paddle, Beaver, Hawg(respect), cradle, Obi One, Othello, LPC, Kobyoshi, Theraband, Armbar.

4:47 am

Show up pre run. Gator is there to help with set up so we are ready to go at 5. Gator and I single handedly solved Nebraska and Florida States football programs problems. If only the Coaches, AD’s and Chancellor’s were at the top rope pre run. Blades also gets a huge shout out for pre running the pre run. Guy is a beast.


Welcome the PAX with the standard

3 F’s




Mission Statement

To plant grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of Male community leadership.

5 core principles


Open to all men

Always held outdoors

Lead in a rotating fashion

And will end in a circle of trust.

Disclaimer given and we mosey to the first round about.

It is mentioned that this is my first Q at Top Rope since Doppler has taken over and that place is running smooth as silk. Also point out that second F will be observed almost as much as the first in todays work out. Then some mumble chatter from LPC and Othello about my tights. Nothing wrong with a grown man in tights. Shorts over them is just waisted fabric.

Warm O Rama

Mosey around the building back to the harshest blacktop maybe in the world.


Cherry Pickers 10 IC

Sun Gods 10 IC

Chinooks 10 IC

Tappy Taps 10 IC

Windmills 10 IC very Slow

10 180 Circle Burps

PRE PRE Thang (A little Game)

Mosey around the school. Notice no one was at my trident Q yesterday so perfect time to play a little game again.

PAX splits in half and spread out all over the parking lot. 1st half is to find space and do goof balls, Second group runs up to a goof ball and plays Rock Paper Scissors. The winner stays, the loser does 7 merkins and then finds a new person to play.

PRE THANG Wall work

Another mosey around the school again and back to the wall

60 count balls to the wall

60 count Peoples Chair

30 count balls to the wall

I mention that everyone needs to be included since i am a PE teacher. Again mumblechatter from LPC and Othello that I may have said that a few times. It’s noted and feeling are hurt but I move on. JK i can always take some constructive feedback.


4 group grinder with 1 push group.

1. 20 Monkey Humpers IC, 20 Bobby Hurleys IC Mosey to the next station

2. Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks Back Pedal to the next station

3. SSH, Goof Balls AMRAP Karaoke to the next station

4. Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks Skip to the next station.


20 Freddie Mercury’s IC

Ask LPC since he mumbled so much to pick a core work and we do 20 Box Cutters IC

Rancid Hammers for 15

Announcements and prayer request

12 for 21 on Sunday

Cradle asks for prayers for his father who is being released to go home from ICU for comfort. Hope he has that time with his family and friends.

Othello points out its getting cold and the get that wardrobe up to date because winter is coming

Gator is starting a new site (CONGRATS) for Friday’s in Elkhorn. The name escapes me.


I ended up doing some poor planning and am having myself a crazy week on my legs. 2 Q’s, Iron PAX workout, Market to Market capped off by the 12 for 21 half marathon on Sunday. But when times get tough I think back to a book I read called “Chop Wood Carry Water” by Joshua Medcalf. Summary is that a man wanted to go become a master archer and moved himself from America to japan to live with a colony of people who produce master archers. While there he learns that no matter what everyday he must get up and chop wood for the day and carry water from the well so that the colony can eat and drink. No matter what happens in his life and training he needs to get up and chop wood and carry water. Do the little things everyday to make sure you can live so that the big things will fall into place. So what have I done. Started my day the way I know how. Pre run, beatdown, coffee. And by starting my day right the rest of the day is falling into place. So chop wood and carry water my friends…Everyday so you can excel in whatever it is you do.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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