AO: Dragon’s Lair

DATE: 9/18/21 – National Cheeseburger Day on Angus Street!

Weather: 61 Degrees and Clear

PAX (20): Gator, Boiling Point, Zico, Sullivan FNG (P1), Tonight Show, Sasquash, Unicycle, Mr. Miyagi, Crab Cakes, Blades of Glory, Cobra Kai, Tee Ball, Treble Hook, William FNG (Charmander), Speed Square, Yogi, Cuban, Big House, Ozark, Fine Print

Q: Fine Print

Welcome: Prerunners (Gator, Ozark, Tonight Show, Blades of Glory and Fine Print) got back with 2 minutes to spare and the PAX had assembled hungry for a Cheeseburger themed beatdown. At 5:30 YHC provided the intro but the lawyer forgot the disclaimer… Two 2.0 FNGs in attendance this morning, Sullivan and William. Shout out to two HIM dads, Mr. Miyagi and Boiling Point. Gretna City Park is situated on Angus Street. These 20 HIM recognized it was not a coincidence they found themselves in the gloom on Angus Street at 6:00am on the hallowed National Cheeseburger Day.

Warmup: We moseyed for a few laps around the tennis court and back to the basketball court for Warm-o-rama consisting of the following exercises:

  • SSH 15 IC
  • Sun Gods 10 IC forwards and backwards
  • Tappy Taps 15 IC

Before the Pre-Thang, YHC asked the PAX a trivia question: In what U.S. state was the cheeseburger invented? The PAX had three chances and did not have the correct answer (California). As a result, the PAX completed 5 burpees.

Pre-Thang: Free Throws. The PAX split into two groups and each PAX shot a free throw. On misses we did 5 burpees, on makes we did 5 Bobby Hurleys. In addition to not being professionals in the realm of fitness, the PAX are definitely not professional free-throw shooters either. The groups made 1 and 2 free throws respectively.

Thang: We then spilt into 3 groups for a 3-man grinder.

  • Station 1: Fence: Group 1 did Shoulder Taps 20 IC either Balls to the Wall on the Fence or in normal plank position.
  • Station 2: B.U.R.G.E.R.S. on the HILL: Group 2 Bernie Sanders’d up the hill to do each of the following exercises, running back to the bottom of the hill between each exercise:
  • Bobby Hurleys 10
  • Up-Downs 10
  • Reverse Crunches 10
  • Groiners 10
  • Everest up the Hill
  • Rosalitas
  • Starfish Crunches
  • Station 3: Push Group: Group 3 ran to the top of Angus Street and back to push Group 1.

Omaha was called once the PAX were “well done”.

6MOM: The PAX enjoyed one round of rancid hammers.

One more trivia question for the PAX. In his 1978 album, “Son of a Son of a Sailor”, what singer/songwriter sang the hit, “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” The PAX knew this one (Jimmy Buffett) and no additional exercises were needed.


Name-o-rama. We named two 2.0 FNGs. Welcome to P1 and Charmander!

Announcements: No announcements.

Prayer Requests: YHC gave a prayer of thanks to the PAX and to Sasquash in particular for EHing me. I am thankful to these HIM for allowing me to lead and the opportunity to work on getting better at being out of my comfort zone.

Circle of Trust: YHC asked the PAX to humor me as I shared with them an analogy. We thought about a cheeseburger and our lives. The most important part of the cheeseburger, and what any cook should focus on getting right, is the meat. Similarly, in life, we should focus on what’s important like our family, faith, friendships, and health. Next, cheeseburgers can have an abundance of toppings and condiments. The PAX enjoyed listing several toppings and we were clearly all hungry. These toppings are less important than the meat but still vital to making the cheeseburger a tasty and enjoyable success. In life, as in cheeseburgers, it’s important to add in toppings and condiments after we have focused appropriately on what truly matters. Things like our careers, our hobbies, entertainment, etc., add value to our lives and are important but YHC encouraged the PAX to focus first on the meat of their lives.


Fine Print

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