9-16-21 //AO- The Battlefield//68 degrees//

Pax: Samples, Folsom, Cutting Edge, Golden Pike, Safe Ride, No Doze, Bloodshot, Biff, Left Seat, Wentworth, Hat Trick, Retweet, and Greek Freak. 

Q: Greek Freak

Warm O’ Rama: Ran 1 lap around track.

  • Side, Straddle, Hop ICx20.
  • Sun Gods ICx10 (forwards and backwards)
  • Carolina Drydocks x20
  • Gas Pumpers x20
  • Cherry Pickers ICx20
  • Merkins ICx20
  • Copperhead Squats x20
  • Monkey humpers ICx20


  • You and a partner. First person ran up and down stairs until partner finished one lap around the track. Switch.

The Thang: Do 100 Merkins, 100 Big Boys, and 100 Squats as a unit. 

Finished with you and partner: 

  • First person ran up and down stairs until partner finished two laps around the track. Every time you reached the top or bottom of stairs 5 burpees. Switch.

6 MOM:

Flutter Kicks X20 IC

Freddy Merc. X20 IC 

American Hammers X 2 Per PAX Rancid Style IC = 24 total

COT: What brings you satisfaction? My brother just finished achieving a lifetime goal of winning a second gold medal for the USA Paralympic wheelchair basketball team. At 42, he has dedicated his life to the sport and will finally retire. I spoke with him this week and he is already looking at what he wants to accomplish next…The satisfaction is so temporary. 

Read John 4:13-15 A samaritan women goes to the well to quench her thirst for water and Jesus tells her if she drinks of the living water she will never thirst again. Living water being her putting her trust in Christ. 

Most things we invest our time in will only bring us temporary satisfaction. How is it working out thus far chasing temporarily satisfying things? When we invest in people or our communities, we are leaving a legacy that can live on. I encourage each of us to invest in things that will last and forget the rat race of chasing materialistic things/promotions of this world. 

-Greek Freak

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