AO: Mess Hall, Swanson Park F3 Omaha, Tuesday 9/21, 5:30am 54deg

Q: Honey Stinger

PAX: Toadstool, Folsom, Wide Right, Trademark, Sams Club, Shingles, Edison, Ice-T, Beta Max, Cozmo, Golden Pike, Umpa, welcome FNG Legolas(hate).

5:30-greetings, mission statement, core principals, and Stinger starts with a joke at Folsom’s expense that gets a laugh and prepares the PAX for a quick mosey around the sidewalk. Stinger surprises the PAX by moseying not to the usual basketball court WOR spot but to the adjacent tennis courts.

WOR: SSHs-12IC, Imperial Walkers-12IC, High Knees-15IC, Sun Gods 10IC, Mountain Climbers 15IC, ATMs-8IC, Tempo Merkins 8IC, Merkins-8

Pre Pre Pre Thang: Stinger has the PAX divide into two groups to run the lines of the tennis court. The line running consists of a sprint, shuffle, back peddle, side shuffle. PAX is instructed to complete the line routine for 5 rounds.

Pre pre Thang: after a short mosey to the Swanson hill between the building of the school Stinger has the PAX run to the top of the hill, do 10 Merkins, run to the bottom and do 10 Monkey Humpers IC, and rinse and repeat until 5 rounds are done.

5:53am. Pre Thang. At this point the PAX is needing a 10 count so Stinger shows leniency and gives them one before taking off on a salty mosey around the park on the dark as hell path. Stinger stops 200 yards into the run for 10 squat jumps. Mosey again for 200 yards for 20 Werkins, mosey for 400 yards to complete the lap only to do 20 LBCs IC.

The Thang, 5:58am-the weak and humbled PAX takes off on yet another short mosey to the soccer fields where H. Stinger has his favorite 90s jams playing. The PAX were told to partner up for the two man grinder that would be taking place. Stinger instructs one of the partners to run to the lighted cone in the field while the other did the list of exercises on the sheet. The runner was given the choice of back peddling, skipping or Super Mario ing back to relieve their partner. The following exercises were delivered to the PAX: Merkins-100, Flutter Kicks-75IC, Jump Squats-75, Carolina DD-75, Big Boys-75, Air Squats-100.

6:07 Omaha is called and the band of jokesters circle up for 6MM: heel touches-15IC, Pickle pushers-15IC, Low Dollys-20, American Hammer 14IC

NOR, Announcements, Prayer requests. Welcome FNG Legolas (song of Shingles). Damn happy to have you.

COT: Charlie Chaplin said “a day without laugher is a day wasted”. Throughout the beat down at random times I shared moments that brought me to laughter that involved the PAX. The PAX greats credit for giving the members so much but I feel laughter gets overlooked. With the current tone of the world not that many people are laughing. Find ways to laugh and to spread laughter in any way and to anyone you can. It’s so important. Always a huge honor to lead my brothers.

YHC. H.S Stinger

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