9/21/2021 55 a little chilly and yet just beautiful.

Q. Armbar

12 PAX: Mother Goose, Chiclets, Skipper, 2 Step, Big One, Marciano, Vandelay, Drano, Static, Super Fly, Road House, Armbar.

4:55- Pull up for the pre run with music blaring as always. Need to get the juices flowing for the day. Mother Goose and Roadhouse are already there to greet me. Chiclets, Vandelay and Big One(Late as usual) round out the pre runners for what is the toughest Pre run in Omaha in terms of the hills.


Return from the Pre Run an greet the PAX with the standard yet totally necessary opening.

3 F’s




Mission Statement

To plant grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of Male community leadership.

5 core principles


Open to all men

Always held outdoors

Lead in a rotating fashion

And will end in a circle of trust.

Disclaimer given and we mosey to the first round about.

Warm or Rama.


Cherry Pickers 10 IC

Sun Gods 10 IC

Chinooks 10 IC

Tappy Taps 10 IC

Big Ones 10 IC very Slow

10 180 Circle Burps

PRE PRE Thang (A little Game)

Upon Saying we are going to play a game shout out to skipper for getting excited and having my back on having a little fun.

PAX splits in half and spread out all over the parking lot. 1st half is to stand with there hands up. Second group runs up to a standing pax and plays Rock Paper Scissors. The winner stays, the loser does 7 merkins and then finds a new person to play. As I notice the standers are not doing enough I add SSH and Goof Balls instead of standing. Mother goose and chiclets are solid at this game. Big one and Roadhouse need some work. However Roadhouse got me on the last epic showdown after 5 ties.

PRE Thang Vision Quest

We mosey to the first round about and this activity works so great for a smaller number. Starting in plank with a small distance between you and the next man the person on the ends jumps over every man in a plank then drops down to a plank at the end. Then the next man goes. We continue this until we make 1 complete circle around the round about.

Then take a long mosey through the nature preserve and over the bridge to the back road next to the Neighborhood.

The Thang 11’s

Partner up and doing 11’s with a long mosey up the hill between rounds.

Starting at the bottom 10 pickle pushers then at the top 1 Plank Jack

Then back to the bottom for 9 pickle pushers then at the top 2 Plank jacks.

Continue until the number are flipped.

We get nowhere close to this as the mosey today was long. A paradise out west.

Omaha is called quietly since we are so close to houses and the long mosey back to the flags occurs.


Rancid Hammers for 12

Announcements and Prayers

12 for 21 on Sunday.

VQ for Superfly on Saturday at the oracle

Prayers for 2 steps family as they have to move on from a pet that is so important to their family. This is always hard because the love is real.


The inspiration for this CoT comes from a small interaction i witnessed over time at coffee at Karma. This guy would walk by every morning and at first it had to induce some level of anxiety to walk through the middle of these random men 3 times a week. Then our Man and the HIM with that personality that says i want to be around you started talking to him and over week asked him his name, what his job is, EH’d him and made him feel accepted and gave him a sense of belonging. Now we all just know him as Kurt and say hi and talk to him most morning as he walks by. And that is what the trident is all about. A sense of belonging. A mosque, synagogue, and a church are all right by each other. Many said it was a terrible idea and potentially dangerous, but yet here we are years later and they have done nothing but given many people a place where they belong in the same space. So today find a person and make them feel like they belong. Because it goes a very long way.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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