PAX (12): Khakis, Sportiva, Barbershop, Ice T, FNG McGavin, Grillz, Kill Switch, Slow Pitch, Hoosegow, Beaver, Tater Tot, Sister Act

Q: Sister Act

YHC was woken up not by his alarm, but by a lot of thunder and lightning around 0415. A quick check of the weather radar assured that all would be well around 0530, so the eyes went closed for a little while longer. Once at the Octagon though, another quick rain shower and scattered lightning made for a great morning to celebrate that we are held outdoors, rain or shine. (ALWAYS OUTSIDE!)

Once 0530 hit, the 5 core principles, mission, and disclaimer were all said, and we also welcomed Joe, our FNG. A mosey around the track led us to the center of the find and Warmarama began.


  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Tappy Taps
  • 20 Goof Balls
  • 10 Big Ones
  • 3 rounds of Sun Salutation (Namaste.)

YHC would like to thank Slow Pitch and Tater Tot for their incredible mumble chatter as well as their stellar rep counting. 😉

PRE-THANG: Once Warmarama was done, we grabbed a partner and did a 2-man grinder up the hill. 

  • Partner at the bottom alternates hand release merkins and DC Propers
  • Running partner goes up, does 20 Monkey Humpers IC and comes back down

THANG: PAX got into groups of 3 and were instructed to go though the exercises at 4 stations on the field, but only one man at a time. The other 2 men in the group would hold a core pose until the first was done. Patience, encouragement, and a little pressure are always good!

1 – push – around the circle each man does 5 burpees twice. While waiting for their turn, PAX plank

2 – rotate around circle doing 20 reps, chill cut plank while waiting

  • 20 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 20 Overhead press IC
  • 20 Cherry Pickers IC

3 – rotate around circle doing 20 reps, alternating side planks while waiting

  • 20 Crab Cakes IC
  • 20 Freddie Mercurys IC
  • 20 LBC IC

4 – rotate around circle doing 20 reps, Al Gore while waiting

  • 20 coupon press
  • 20 ranger merkins
  • 20 coupon curls


  • 20 Low Dollys
  • 20 Rosalitas
  • 20 Frozen Freddies
  • Hammers, Rancid

NAMARAMA – Welcome FNG McGavin!

PRAYERS/ANNOUNCEMENTS – We had a great time at Valas yesterday! Serious props to Crab Cakes for the generosity, and it also reminds us that seeing each other in that setting gives life to the 2nd F even more! It also solidifies a lot of what we do each morning for M’s and 2.0’s who see us interact in that way. Aye!


Sorry if the time in your groups was a little awkward with some of the waiting, but that was the point. Waiting. It kinda sucks, but it’s ultimately good.

Being patient does several things for us, but here are two that jump out to me. 1) It shows us that a larger perspective sometimes has to be fostered within us before we can see an end to our waiting. Sometimes we’re not ready for that thing we’re waiting for! We might just need to grow up some more! And 2), patience reminds us that we’re not ultimately in control, and that sometimes the plans that God designs for us are beyond our understanding. 

Truth be told I’m in a time of patently waiting right now. It’s hard not to get frustrated and just want to take some path that might seem easier. But I’ve found there’s reward in patient faithfulness. 

So if you’re in the same boat – stay the course. Stay faithful. Don’t give up. Look for clues and opportunities. And keep asking Sky Q to show you what’s up. Like ask and ask and ask! That’s what’s helping me in my season, so hopefully it helps you some.


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