Pax: Dollface, Othello, Wentworth, Buns of Steel, Stitches, Hoser

Q: Spacebar

It was a dark and rainy morning at Ironwood. This is the 2nd time the QIC has lead a beatdown in the Memorial Park area. Both times it has rained. QIC has a healthy amount of paranoia, so now I’m beginning to think I’m cursed whenever I lead here.

QIC greeted the Pax promptly at 0530 and recited the 5 core F3 principles, creedo and disclaimer. Upon reflection, the QIC acknowledges he forgot to give the F3 Mission Statement.


Windmills x10 IC

Big Ones x12 IC

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

High Knees x20 IC

Tappy Taps x15 IC

Goof balls x20 IC

Midway through warm-a-rama, there was rumor of one pax, Betamax, arriving just as the on-time Pax mosy’d towards Chicago Street. QIC tried to delay the start of the first thing, but said Pax never appeared.

Hill Thang: Chicago Street Grinder

Break up into 3 groups.

Bottom Amrap

  • SSH x50 IC
  • Bobby Hurleys x50 IC
  • Jump Tucks x15
  • Apollo Onos x50 IC
  • Start Hill push when pushed

Top Amrap

  • Big Boys x50
  • Flutter Kicks x50 IC
  • Atl Sholder Taps x15 IC
  • Merkins x25
  • Run to bottom amrap when pushed

Hill Push

  • 5 burpees
  • 5 monkey groiners IC
  • Run uphill to intersection
  • 5 burpees
  • 10 monkey groiners IC
  • Run uphill to Top

QIC is grateful for the Site-Q, U-Haul who provided useful feedback on the planned beatdown. With the feedback, QIC planned a backup Thang, should the Hill Thang become unsustainable. After one full rotation, which took much longer than the QIC planned (because of the activities, the Pax were working their asses off and getting up Chicago Street takes a lot longer than the QIC recalls), the first Omaha was called.

Backup Thing: Blimps

Instead of rotating around 4 stations, QIC had Pax gather at one of the Blimps station and completed one full round.

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 lunge each leg
  • 15 imperial walker
  • 20 merkins
  • 25 plank jacks
  • 30 squats


  • Low Dollies x20 
  • Freddy Mercuries x20 IC
  • Rosalitas x20
  • American Hammers Rancid Style (2 rounds)


Don’t focus on what you think you deserve. Take aim at what you are willing to earn. -David Goggins

We live in a wealthy society, where an attitude of entitlement becomes an easy mindset to adopt. The important things in life, whatever it is for each of us, we have to earn. No one is going to give us such things. Go out there today, tomorrow and every day to earn the important things. It’s the only way to find fulfillment and reward in the end. 

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