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Q: Griswold

PAX: Barn Door, Big One, Crab Cakes, Venus, Lincoln Logs ( respect x 2 ), Gump, Escobar, Lite Brite, Cradle, Slick, Mufasa ( rawr ), Tater Tot, Tonight Show, Khakis ( respect ), Yodel, Moon Man, Patchy Adams, Fine Print, Ralphie ( fng ), Gator, Ozark ( respect ), Hard Hat, Pit Stop, T-ball, Obi Wan ( fng ), Wait Time ( respect ), Griswold

5:00am – Healthy group of pre-runners, nice work men!

I cut my pre-run a mile short to greet some PAX and get all set up.

5:30am – Welcomed the PAX to the Maize, Stole a page from my boy Escobar and thanked them for coming out and supporting the maize and myself.  Mission statement and Core principles were given.  Two FNG’s present!!!

No time to waste, we moseyed East towards White Hawk lake to find a hill and get to work.

Had all the PAX circle up and we did my favorite WoR – 5 IC SSH.  Paying homage to the ultimate HIM, Sparty.  He did this once at Battlefield and still to this day is my favorite WoR.  Thanks Sparty!

Had the PAX find a partner.  We Bernie Sanders’d up the hill with 20IC Monkey Humpers at the top, while the other partner was doing AMRAP Air Squats. I received both a sigh and a complaint within the first Five minutes of the workout, mission accomplished.  We did this for 3-4 sets and on to the next.

After our legs were nice and pumped, we ran towards the south and then to the west to meet in front of the fire station. PAX remained with their partners.  I instructed the PAX to “Run” from Light Pole to Light Pole.  Not Jog, Not Sprint, but RUN.  While first partner was doing that, other partner was doing AMRAP Bonnie Blairs.  And a new term was coined here, at least I hadn’t heard it yet.  Instead of “Freed to Lead” one PAX ( believe it was my boy Lite Brite ) said “Freed to Leave.”  Once again, mission accomplished.  We did this for 3-4 rounds then on to the next.

We then moseyed over to the front of the parking lot, circled up and counted off into 3’s.  Group 1 was the push group ( ran around the block ), Group 2 was Werkins, Alt. Shoulder Taps & Merkins.  Group 3 was core Low Dollies, Scissor Kicks, Heels to Heaven.  Group 2 & 3 was AMRAP until pushed.  Think we only made this 1.5x before OMAHA was called. 

Mary:  I promised and owed my boy Escobar burpees, and I always pay my debts so as a group we started Mary with 10 burpees.  Followed by 15 Rosalitas and Finished with Rancid style Hammers.

NoR, named 2 FNG’s ( Ralphie & Obi Wan )

TClaps to Crab Cakes for Allowing the PAX of F3 to enjoy a day at Vala’s, thank you Crab Cakes!

Announcements: Iron Pax Friday and Saturday

Prayers: Khakis Brother, Moon Man & Slick

CoT:  My Pre-blast had a hint of a “no surrender” workout to pay homage to the resilient Steve Gleason.  This workout had a lot of things that were hard to me like running and sprinting and lots of leg work but with the inspiration from Steve to keep pushing forward gave me the energy to get it done.  If you’re not aware of Steve or his story, let me just start by saying you should watch his documentary titled “Gleason.”  It’s currently streaming on Amazon and may be on other services as well.  If you can find an hour and a half to spare, I promise you, you will leave with a renewed sense of what your capable of.  I could sit here and talk for hours about how inspired I am by someone like him but instead, I’ll just say that Steve is a resilient human being who continues to keep moving forward despite all his physical disabilities.  From being a former NFL player to now the Face of ALS, he’s improved so many lives with his unwillingness to give up.  He was diagnosed in 2011 with ALS.  Ten years later, he has two kids, a remarkable wife and a foundation that makes a difference.  Most ALS patients die within 2-5 years of being diagnosed because it’s so incredibly hard to live like that.  But not Steve.  He keeps pushing forward.  Never claims to be perfect, shares his shortcomings as well as his triumphs.  So lets take Steve’s example and keep pushing no matter what.  “No White Flags.”

Thank you again for your support of the Maize and Myself.



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