Thursday, Sept. 16 | Futurama | Memorial Park | 66 and windy

PAX (8): Ruckspin, Demogorgon, Bovine, DaVinci (Respect, Respect), Cyclone (Respect, Respect), Mac’n Cheese (Hate), Dome (Hate), Sparty

Pre-run: Mac’n Cheese (Hate), Sparty

QIC: Sparty

It had been almost 2 full weeks since YHC had been out in the Gloom with the men due to a stupid virus, so I was excited to be back out. The alarm went off at 4am and I jumped out of bed with no problems at all. As I arrive very early (4:40am), I notice a man walking around with a backpack……then a random car parked with 2 teenage boys in it. I got out and set up at the one station I had. As I got back up the stairs, another car had pulled up behind mine. Another teenage boy got out and walked towards the flagpole. I had no idea what was about to go down, so I started walking around the circle for recon work and to make sure I wasn’t about to get ambushed. Then out of nowhere, the boy that walked up to the flagpole went sprinting back to his car. His buddies locked him out of the car, so there was a struggle, but after he got in, they sped off. Then backpack guy walked by and disappeared into the darkness. And finally, Mac’n Cheese showed up. Phew! And we were off on the Pre-run. We ran a nice slow pace, so to be sure we weren’t late getting back, we cut through the park at the end.

It was 5:26 and there were 4 of us. While I could see some curiosity in the men’s eyes, I knew this meant we were going to have a special morning. As 5:30am struck and I started in on the welcome, we watched as Dome struggled to get out of his car. As I wrapped up, another car pulled up. Guesses were had, but ultimately it was Cyclone (Respect) making his way in. We waited for him and then we took off on a mosey. We made our way to the Rose Garden where we started with the Warm-a-rama. Today, I wanted to try and keep the group in motion and raise their heart rates.


  • SSH 20 IC
  • High Knees 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers 20 IC
  • Goofballs 20 IC

As we wrapped up, we took another short mosey around the circle drive and then made our way to the Memorial Wall. Another car had pulled up. Mac seemed to know who it was and he waved me on to continue.

Pre-Thang (3 rounds)

  • Donkey Kicks 10
  • Wall Sit for 30 seconds

There were some grunts and guys weren’t too excited about what was happening. Nonetheless, they persevered and got through it. As we wrapped up, we took a short mosey to the bottom of the stair on the south side of the memorial. I then explained the 2-Man Grinder that ensued. My disclosure was that the first exercise was box jumps. “If you’re not comfortable with these, feel free to do step-ups.”

The Thang

  • 2-Man Grinder – While one partner performed the exercises, the other partner ran up the stairs, performed 5 burpees and then ran back down to relieve their partner.
  • Exercises
    • Box Jumps 50
    • Derkins 100
    • Dips 150
    • LBCs 200 IC

At 6:05am, YHC called “Omaha” and had the men meet by the Futurama Flag. Since No Doze, Othello, and Mac’n Cheese weren’t there (Mac had to leave early), we did Mary!!! Hahaha


  • Heel Touches 15 IC
  • E2K 15 each leg
  • Dying Cockroaches 15 IC
  • American Hammers 15 IC

NOR – Not sure anyone repeated Demogorgon’s name as we all just wait for the undeniable noise that follows. DaVinci has the most beautiful smile in the region. Dome did a great Mac’n Cheese.

Announcements: Big congrats to Bovine who got married last week! Demogorgon has a fundraiser he is helping with getting donations for children and he’ll put a link to it on Slack.

Prayers: Ruckspin has a friend who just experienced a family member commit suicide. Nugent and his M! And the men leaving tomorrow to travel to Indiana for the Spartan race.

COT: I came across a nice quote that applies really well for us: “Failure is good. Struggle is good. Discomfort is good. Each leads to growth & development. Show me someone who’s never failed and I’ll show you someone who’s nowhere near their developmental ceiling. If you want to be the best you can, get comfortable being uncomfortable.” I love this quote and it connects so well with our Q-Source. I believe that if you truly want to be great at something, you need to push your limits to failure. If you don’t, then you’re not reaching your true potential. So whether it be your fitness, fellowship, faith, being a father, or a husband, find what matters most to you and get uncomfortable and push your limits to the point of failure.

DaVinci took us out with a beautiful prayer!



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