PAX:  (34) Griswold, Rowdy, Convoy, Marciano, Gump, Nitro, Truck Stop, Baby Shoes, Screech, Sister Act, Hager, Skidz, Sweetroll, Ketchup, Hans, OT, Supe, Pit Stop, Mulch, Cuban, Ruxpin, Kielbasa, Eartag, Shrute, Big House, FDIC, Tonight Show, T-Ball, Yogi, Hard Hat and YHC Escobar

Q: Escobar

YHC pulled into the parking lot about 4:52 to the gloom of night, stretched with #HIM Sister Act and waited for the pre-run crew which consisted of Yogi, Hardhat, Griswold, Escobar, Sister Act, Pit Stop (who came in HOT!) and Eartag #MojoGodfather. This run was much needed as YHC was spiking with adrenaline for today’s Q and needed to earn some burn due to a night out for a customer meeting with Skidz and Marciano. This morning the GLOOM was especially dark and thick. Had it not been for Hardhats co.. err.. I mean waistline light YHC would have been lost in the dark of the gloom. In typical Hardhat fashion, #HIM led the way and YHC was took note of the sway of the light in the distance as eventually Hardhat disappeared into the night with Gris in what seemed to be a 7:15-7:30 pre-run pace. Them boys crazy!

After a 2-mile pre-run, Escobar was proud to see a collection of #HIMs waiting for Escobar’s arrival at the shovel flags. YHC quickly went to the car grabbed 4 brand new lantern style LED lights #Amazon, the MOJO BANNER and THANG instructions, took to the field with Overtime and set up MAINSTAGE for this morning’s opening act. Upon returning to the Shovel Flags YHC did a quick review of his F3 workout template to which the PAX laughed and remarked about their first Q. YHC is a simple man and thus requires a job aid for his good works. YHC took note PAX feedback and attempted the full workout by memory to which in reflection should earn him a B- or C+ effort. Typical at Millard South aka MainStage.

YHC stepped into the circle at 5:30 to welcome 32 PAX to the gloom and expressed gratefulness for their investment in YHC Q. YHC shared what F3 stood for, our mission, 5 core principles, and our credo.  YHC did remind PAX that Escobar was not a professional, and that clear as demonstrated on B2C that YHC needed to keep his day job and to modify exercises as necessary.


PAX moseyed down to the center of the field for warm-a-rama

  • Side straddle hops – 20 IC
  • Sun Gods with Johnny Dramas – 10 IC & Reverse
  • DC Propers – 15
  • Tappy Taps – 15 IC

The Pre-Thang

After Warm-A-Rama Escobar decided to take the PAX of Mainstage through a quick journey down memory lane, reinforcing that at Mainstage, many men had the privilege of earning #RESPECT and #GAINs on this field due in part to those darn stadium stairs which as all Patriots and MS Indians would know was a fundamental requirement of all summer camps, two a days, and pre-season work outs. So, as such it would be only fair that YHC would honor the memories of the past with a set. 

Millard South Patriot Football Team, 2001. (Feat: Big House, Yogi, Escobar, Rowdy)

In the darkness of the gloom Escobar then shared that at Millard South, this campus is rightly named Main-Stage, but “them stairs” well PAX of F3Omaha that is Patriot’s Playground (#PatriotsPlayground). YHC then directed the Pax to be careful, modify as necessary and take to the stairs to which we moseyed and completed one full circuit of endless stairs on #PatriotsPlayground and then planked or Al Gored until the six. In reflection YHC should have directed the PAX to one more set as this eager beaver realized we were 5 minutes ahead of schedule.

The Thang

The mumble chatter was rocking post Patriots Playground and YHC was feeling the energy. Escobar informed the PAX that today’s workout was eluded to on YHC pre-blast which contained as always, an “Easter egg” for today’s workout. So, with a grin YHC explained that “Easter egg” was OutKast’s B.O.B. and that today we would be experiencing the joys of BOMBS to which I explained the following 2 Man Grinder set up curtesy of Hardhats similar framework at Trident a few weeks prior.

Accumulated BOMBS

Partner 1: End Zone to End Zone Run & Relieve Partner

Partner 2: 

  • 50 burpees
  • 100 overhead claps
  • 150 merkins 
  • 200 Big-boy Sit-ups 
  • 250 Air squats
  • Rinse and Repeat

YHC is a big fan of system workout modified to the terrain to increase difficulty. Escobar is a simple man.

After 20 grueling minutes which included YHC F3 Playlist featuring 1998-2006 classic rap songs, an ode to my high school days and kudos to #MOJO for sharing some of their favorites we ended with OMAHA.

YHC was thrilled to observe and overhear a few “thank you sky Q” and “finallys” which was an indicator of Q success. As if it was planned, or a higher powers recognition of excellent timing of a close and job well done, Mainstage lit up and the lights were turned on. Standing on the stadium stairs was Activities Director and Assistant Principle Steve Throne who waved to the PAX, the PAX cheered and thanked him for his kindness, exit stage right and like a fart in the night he was gone. Escobar then directed the PAX to circle up again for our closing act.

Shout out to Rowdy who spoke with Throne a week ago asking for his support of lighting the gloom at Mainstage! I suspect Mr. Throne will be EHd in due time, due time…


In good spirits due to the field being lit up Escobar, jokingly admitted based on this morning’s pre-run and BOMBS work out that perhaps the PAX of Main Stage could do without the planned American Hammers Rancid style, however my dear friend, #HIM, and mentor Griswold reminded YHC “don’t talk about it, be about it” 

So as one could expect in the moment, hearing the voices of the HIMS and mixed reviews of Gris’s enthusiasm for additional pain, Escobar saw only one choice and that was to oblige to the request for 32 well-earned American Hammers Rancid Style. YHC warned Griswold that if his great attitude and enthusiasm continued that YHC would be happy to add in some additional burpees to which all mumble chatter ended. In reflection YHC wishes we did a few more burpees because well burpees duh and because Escobar knew Plague would be proud of such a finish.


32 HIMS & No FNGs

Circle of Trust:

YHC was absolutely exhausted this morning, and should have kept to the script but hoped the PAX could feel his heart and leave with a few take aways based on the following written COT…

PAX close your eyes for a moment. Let’s take 5 deep breathes together. Now Open.

This past Saturday saw our great Nation for a moment close the distance between us and coalesce around the 20-year anniversary of 9/11. In every community regardless of gender, race, faith, or political affiliation we put our differences raised our flags, visited monuments, attended memorial services, and paused together in moments of silence as we all reflected on the impact that 9/11 has had in each of our lives. And we stood together UNITED as a Nation.

For one day, collectively we were able to close the distance, rally together, tune out the spiraling tone of politics and perhaps for a moment even the Pandemic couldn’t divide us. Personally, I hope 9/11 gave us a moment of healing as a society. 

With that said, I have been reflecting on how I show up. How my bias, perceptions and feelings further the divide. I thought about how I can do a better job seeking to understand, being quick to forgive and forget, and playing my part mending what seems like fractures in relationships with family members and friends that have been strained through the last several years.

A few months ago, I ran across a quote that for me provides a solution to the toxic nature of society as of late. And it’s on each of us to close the divide. The quote read:

Distance creates distortion, connection compassion & empathy may not change the other person but it will you and that’s always the best place to start. 

So, my homework to each of you is to bridge the gap. Close the distance by seeking to understand and doing so with empathy and compassion. 

Announcements / TAPS

Vala’s 2nd F Family Opportunity on Sunday 

Pitstop’s M Lindsey

IPAX Week 2: see Twitter/slack for details, locations and times

Big House prayed the PAX out

“Close the Distance #HIMS of F3Omaha”



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