PAX:  Skipper, Drano, Flanders, Marciano, Static, Gator, Ozark, Big One, Rain Man, Escobar, Lansbury, and…

Q: Toadstool

Toadstool welcomed PAX to the Trident. Toadstool then gave the mission statement, disclaimer, and the Credo.

PAX moseyed around some buildings and, upon returning to the green space, circled up…


Easy side-stretches – 15 IC

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Side Straddle Hop – 20 IC

Chinooks – 10 IC

Cherry Pickers – 10 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs – 10 IC

Sun Gods (forward and back) – 10 IC

Smurph Jacks (red bull style) – 20 IC

Pre-Thang:  Down and Dirty

PAX lined up at some cones…

-20 mountain climbers (IC), then bear crawl to some more cones…

-20 Alternating Shoulder Taps (IC), then crawl bear to the first set of cones…

-Rinse and Repeat one more time.

Thang:  Rule of 7

PAX then moseyed far down the hill toward the Temple Israel parking lot and paired up…

This is a progressive exercise where the pair does seven of one exercise, then a lap, then 7, plus 14, lap, 7, 14, 21, etc.  Here is the order with a lap separating each one:

  1. 7 burpees
  2. 7 burpees, 14 monkey humpers
  3. 7 burpees, 14 monkey humpers, 21 merkins
  4. 7 burpees, 14 monkey humpers, 21 merkins, 28 bobby hurleys
  5. 7 burpees, 14 monkey humpers, 21 merkins, 28 bobby hurleys, 35 air squats
  6. 7 burpees, 14 monkey humpers, 21 merkins, 28 bobby hurleys
  7. 7 burpees, 14 monkey humpers, 21 merkins
  8. 7 burpees, 14 monkey humpers
  9. 7 burpees


We then moseyed back to the shovel flags, circled up, got on our sixes, and did…. 

– ETKs (12 each leg)

– O Face (clockwise and counter)

-American Hammers (rancid)


  • COT: I hate Tuesdays. Mondays you can recap the weekend. Wednesday is humpday. Thursday is fun and there’s expectation for the weekend. And Friday…well, it’s Friday. But Tuesday is nothing, a workday devoid of any expectation. Boring. Gray. But what if this was our last day on Earth? What if a meteor were about to hit or we were to be hit by a bus? Was there something less spectacular about this Tuesday aside from any other day? Do we not have the beauty of the world around us, the vibrance of our family and friends, the sense of possibility that we have on a Friday? What if this was our last Tuesday, right? How would you spend yours?
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