9/14/21 | Cornhusker Handicap AO | Stinson Park | 66 Degrees

PAX: 2 Step, Stitches, Grillz, Bovine, Gunner, Polaroid, Buns of Steel, Bubbles

Q: Bubbles

Bubbles welcomed the PAX, gave the mission statement and the disclaimer. Typically Bubbles does not say the 5 core principles. However, today was getting off to a weird start. 

There were 5 guys “when we took off” for the pre-run today, Gunner, 2 Step, Stitches, Grillz, and Bubbles. About halfway up Shirley, the separation between the PAX was getting greater. 2 Step and Stitches were leading the way, while Gunner, Grillz, and Bubbles were happy to be in the back and running at a more comfortable pace. As we turned the corner on Pacific street and started running on the trail back towards Stinson, the lead group was out of our view. As the second group approached the shovel flag, Buns was standing there with Stitches looking eager for his first official day as the Site Q. Stitches then asked the PAX if they had seen 2 Step. We all looked at each other, and then said “we thought he was with you”? Well, he was not. After a few minutes of not knowing where he was and looking around for him, Stitches and Grillz jumped in a car and started to drive around the streets calling his name. Finally it was 5:30 and time to start the workout.

At 5:31, Bovine came hauling in and joined the group. At this point we were still down to 5, with one man “lost”, and two men out looking for the missing man. At that point in time, Bubbles turned around and saw 2 Step walking out of the glow of the bathrooms. Apparently 2 Step was not lost, but simply had to go number 2. The PAX that were there were relieved that he was found, but now we needed to track down the two PAX members that took off in the car to search for 2 Step. To buy a little time, I had the men there recite the 5 core principles, and then we went on an extended mosey around all the buildings to look for the car. As we turned the corner back towards the park, Stitches and Grillz were parking their car. The PAX was now back together. Or so we thought…

The PAX was instructed to head down the alley and up the stairs of the parking garage to the top level. Polaroid held the first door at the bottom of the stairs, Bubbles waited with him to help usher the PAX upstairs. 2 Step, Gunner, Stitches, Buns, and Bovine all ran by, but where was Grillz? Bubbles waited with Polaroid for a minute until he was told to leave. Polaroid stayed behind to see where Grillz had gone. When Bubbles made it to the top of the stairs, we decided it was best to start Warm-a-Rama. Towards the end of SSH, Polaroid and Grillz finally came through the door, and the PAX was once again all together. Grillz said something about having to change his shoes, cause he didn’t want to get them “dirty”.


The PAX moseyed around the buildings and parking garage in Aksarben, then ran up the stairs to the top of the Pacific Life parking garage.

SSH 20 x IC

Tappy Taps 15 x IC

Tater Taps 15 x IC

High Knees 20 x IC


The PAX got into teams of two and headed for the ramp. On the way down the ramp, the group bear crawled halfway, then switched to crawl bear the rest of the way. On the way up the ramp, partners took turns wheel barreling up the ramp. Every four parking spots, partners switched. The second time through, the PAX lunged up the ramp halfway, and then wheel barreled the rest of the way.


The Thang is a three group grinder. Group one was stationed at the bottom of the ramp, group two was at the top, and group three was the push. Group three would run around the top level of the parking garage and then back down the ramp to relieve group one. Group one ran up the ramp to relieve group two, and group two would start on their run. We made it through four rounds of exercises. Exercises were done AMRAP until Omaha was called at 6:05. We then moseyed back to the shovel flags.

Top of Ramp     Bottom of Ramp

Burpees Shoulder Tap Merkins

Flutter Kicks Big Boy Situps

Monkey Humpers Groiner Merkins (3 groiners + 3 Merkins)

6 MoM:

  • LBC 20 x IC
  • V-Ups 15 on Up
  • American Hammers 16 x IC

Prayers and Announcements: 

This Sunday will be the family outing at Vala’s. You can still get your orders in through Wednesday. Please reach out to Crab Cakes and thank him for the tickets. Also continued prayers for his family as they mourn the loss of his mother-in-law.


This week my wife and I will welcome another baby into this world. We are so grateful for this and are very excited. As this happens, I struggle with how to love. These past two years since our daughter was born, I have never loved two things so much. I think to myself, “how can I have enough love for another human being”? But I know that it will be there and it just happens. I am overjoyed to welcome another Rider into this world and can’t wait to see what our family will be like as four instead of three. But I would be lying, if I told you that I wasn’t a little scared/nervous. The best part of F3, and having a shield lock is being able to talk openly about these things and know that you are going to get true, real, honest feedback. Thank you all for being supportive of me and for keeping me in your hearts.

Love you all,


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