Westside AO | 62 degrees

Q: Bloodshot

PAX: Super Tasty, Swinger, Q-Tip, Samples, Ice T, Jack Rabbit, Stella, Tin Cup, Hat Trick, Rosetta, Chiclets, Sven, Trademark.

The F3 Mission statement, 5 core principles, and disclaimer were recited before a mosey to the parking lot next to the tennis courts for warmarama.


SSH x 20 IC

Tappy Taps x 13 IC

Butt kicks 30 yards

Lunges 30 yards

Gasser run between cones of lot

The Thang

We entered the dark tennis courts with instructions. YHC did a poor job of explaining and had to get the lights/sheets from the next court confusing the PAX, but this is how the Thang was envisioned:

Game. Set. Match.

Game 1-6 First set

15: Hand Release

30: Bonnie Blair’s

40: squat jumps

Repeat above exercise 6 times

Game 7-12 Second set

15: Diamond Merkins

30: Apollo Ono’s

40: Lunges (20 per leg)

Repeat above exercises 6 times

Game 13-18 Third set

15: Werkins

30: Mountain Climbers

40: SSH

Repeat exercises 6 times

After each set, 25 Frozen Freddy IC

Complete all 3 sets for Match. In the end PAX were all doing an exercise so YHC decided to not audible.

Omaha was called at 6:01 and we moseyed back to the shovel flags for 6 MOM. We ended with American Hammers Rancid style.

COT: kind of a light hearted COT this morning: I want to include some thoughts from our Thursday morning book discussion I’ve had and a couple of quotes from my favorite tennis player Andre Agassi.

I’ve been reflecting this week on what I WANT, what I really NEED, and what God/Sky Q WANTS for me.

I’ve always appreciated the way Agassi went about accomplishing his goals and finding his purpose.

He said: “Few of us are granted the grace to know ourselves, and until we do, maybe the best we can do is be consistent.”

I’ve not always known what will become of each day, but I’ve always tried to be consistent with my approach…same preparation, same attitude, consistency in all 3 Fs.

On confidence he said “some people are thermometers and some are thermostats. You’re a thermostat…don’t register the temperature in a room, you change it. So be confident, be yourself, take charge”

And lastly: “image is everything”

***so be consistent, be confident, and image is everything.


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