5:30AM: PAX – Two Step, Oompa, Cosmo, Edison, Toadstool, Lansbury, Stella, Saul, Wide Right, Huffy, Scoober, and…

Q: Sleep Number

Welcome at the shovel flag. Omaha VQ 

Mosey around soccer pitch to Bball courts. 

Warm-a-rama: Good Mornings, Finkle Swings, Side Straddle Hops, Grady Corn, Mountain Climbers, Windmills, Sprinklers. 

“Route 66 looking for the light”  around running loop in the park, stop at one of 11 light sources and start with 11 rep burpees, then 10, then 9, for a sum total of all reps is 66. Repeat with squats. 

Dora by little school hill: LBCs, Apollo Creeks

6:05AM Six MoM: American Hammer, Boat Canoe, Shakiras, O-face, Have a Nice Day

6:10AM Words of Wisdom: “Love your fellow man. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” Paraphrased from John Watson. 

6:15AM CoT 

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