September 12, 2021 | AO – The Rabbit Hole

PAX: Escobar, Yogi, Ketchup, Cyclone, Jack Rabbit, Black Panther, Governor, Dome, Ferdinand, Blades of Glory, Skidz, Ear Tag, Lansbury, Side Dish, Wentworth, Tin Cup, Frosty, Arm Bar, Othello

VQ: Overtime 

Co-Q: Lucky Charms 

ON a beautiful, Sunday morning, 21 PAX met in Benson Park. At promptly 7:00, the co-Q’s welcomed everyone to F3. Overtime absolutely nailed the 5 core principles and mission statement and noted we are not professionals, so modifying is encouraged.  

Since this workout was sponsored by a Murph AO, we decided to do a little Murph variation followed by a game of Burpee ball. 

The Thang: Modified Murph

PAX started with a mosey around the lake, ending in the open grass area. There, we circled up and took turns counting exercises. We did 8 rounds of the following exercises, only breaking after round 5 for another mosey around the lake.

  • Alternating Shoulder taps x 10 IC
  • Core of counters choice x 15 (most IC)
  • Merkins x 20
  • Air squats x 30

After 30 minutes, the Qs called Omaha and sent everyone over to the soccer fields. There, we split up teams and set up the field quickly for Burpee ball. The rules were a combination of water polo, football, ultimate frisbee and soccer (probably). A team “kicked off”. Offense could only take two steps before needing to give the ball up. Objective was to score in the small goals, although no players were allowed in the 6-yd box around the goal. Turnovers resulted in 2 burpees for all players. Goals meant 3 burpees for the defense and 3 bonnie blairs for the team that scored. OT and LC started as refs, where they did SSH during all breaks and skipped for all movement up and down the sidelines. Refs rotated throughout the game. 

It was a close battle, and we truly have no idea who won. The only takeaway was that the game rocked and needed to be played again soon. 


No Mary. Ain’t nobody got time for that today. Instead we just meet at the shovel flags for NOR. 


  • Today we raised $105 for Allicyn Schuster Memorial Wrestling Clinic. Allicyn unfortunately took her own life, so by the men showing up today, we gave back to the community and folks directly affected by suicide. Thank you, Frosty for setting this up and the generous donation. You are a true HIM.


With this being suicide prevention and awareness month, the Qs focused on mental health. Lucky noted is own struggles and how the best thing he did was open up and let others know. There he found understanding and acceptance. Be that for others. We are more than a workout group and finding ways to support others through any struggles, not just a workout, is what we show up in the gloom for.

OT noted how it can be tough to be vulnerable and be yourself. However, he called on each of us to not only be ourselves, but be there to support others and allow them to open up. 


Coffee was had at Starbucks on 72nd and Military. 


Lucky Charms and Overtime

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