Backblast Combine 9/10/2021 Alive – Suicide Awareness Day

Q-Slow Pitch

22 HIM – Frosty, Mac N Cheese, Griswold, Convoy, Happy Camper, Cuban, Tube Socks, Wentworth, Fine Print, Beaver, Wax On, Hawg, Grease Fire, Sister Act, LPC, Toto, Khakis (Respect), Arm Bruh, Tater Tot, Speed Square, Thomas, Slow Pitch.

The Q was pulled up at 4:45am and saw the pre-runners taking off in a couple of different routes. One route long, the other longer.  Slow Pitch set up light up cones and sheets with exercises for pain stations around the track. He came back to where the Pax were gathering near the Shovel Flags.  It is now 5:15 and Slow Pitch gave the Mission Statement, Principles: Outside, Free, Rotating Fashion, Open to all Men, COT, then took off running and forgot to let the group that he’s not a Professional.  The Q had checked out the entire AO for his workout except one and that’s where we were going to do warmarama. So, let’s mosey to Baseball Field.

Well shit, we are now standing in some cool swamping waters. This wasn’t on his Weinke. Screw it, we’re doing it anyway. 


​Calf Raises: 20 on up  

Burpees:  10

Big Boys:  20 on up (Q didn’t make any friends on this)

Calf Raises (Goofy Footed): 20 on up 

Burpees:  10

Big Boys:  20 on up (Any dry spots on your back are gone now)

Calf Raises (Pigeons Toed): 20 on up

Burpees:  10

Big Boys:  20 on up (Still wet)

Pre-Thang: To the Wall Slow Pitch explained:

10-1 (11’s) Donkey Kicks to hold feet on wall

10 Donkey Kicks, 1 Count Feet on Wall

9 Donkey Kicks, hold last kick on wall for 2 count 

8 Donkey Kicks, hold last kick on wall for 3 count…to 1 Donkey Kick to hold last kick on wall for 10 count.  

There were some challenges with this exercise. First few rounds went well, except the Q would forget what number he was on, then it started to become more challenging for him to know whether to say up or a number. Finally, he got through it. Then as the men stood there, the Q asked Arm Bruhfor a 5 count. Repeated. Oh boy, Slow Pitch struggled. Up and numbers and getting his legs to go up and then accelerate the counting speed, as we were going to get through this, but it was going to be sloppy. The Q was happy when this was over. 

Pre-Pre-Thang: To the hill and pair up

​Bernie up the hill, 20 squat jumps, lunge down

​Bernie up the hill, 20 squat jumps, lunge down

​Bernie up the hill, 20 squat jumps, lunge down

​Bernie up the hill, 20 squat jumps, lunge down

The Thang: 5 stations around the track. Complete with partner, then sprint to next station, repeat until Omaha

​A – Alternating shoulder taps – 20IC

​L – LBC’s – 20IC

​I – Imperial Walkers – 20IC

​V – Very deep squats – 20 on down

​E – E2K 10 Each Side, Repeat -20IC

This was great except in Slow Pitch fashion he didn’t spell ALIVE, he spelled ALVIE…ehhh

Call Omaha at 5:52

Prayers: Kaipust and Vala families. 

Announcements: Check Slack

COT: Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. 

Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell and Robin Williams are all names we recognize and were 3 individuals, that from afar, I admired who they were. All of them suffered from some kind of alcohol or drug abuse throughout their lives, had moments or years of sobriety, then ultimately took their own lives. These are all people that I and others, thought that they may have their life together. We just didn’t know what was going on their insides. 

Kay Stehlik was my Godmother, Andrew Leander was my high school classmate and teammate, I played softball with Justin O’Neill. There was Aaron Loewens and Mikey Stevens that I met and sponsored in AA and recovery. These are only 5 of the people that I personally knew, took their lives. There are many others that I know their parents, siblings, children and friends. Suicide impacts all of us, is preventable, but not always detectable. Mikey, Aaron and Justin always had huge smiles and had attractive personalities. I was too young to know Kay, but knew she was warm.Ultimately, I want to share a story about Andy Leander. 

He was a junior in high school, recently transferred from another school, was extremely intelligent, a good athlete, we played football together and he lived across the park from our family home. I didn’t like him and truthfully, I didn’t have a reason to, except I was an asshole and insecure. It was the last day of tryouts for Varsity and we were in the locker room. I asked him ‘Hey Leander, you think you made it?” and he replied, with some affirmative statement that he did. I told him, “Probably not, because you suck.”  Those were the last words I ever spoke to him. I received a phone call that night, that he shot himself in his bedroom. I looked out the front of our house and I could see the flashing lights in the night. My insides sank. I went to his funeral and just felt so low. I wished I had said something else. I wish today, I would’ve said something else. I think about him every once and a while and ask myself If I had genuinely cared or even pretended, or said something positive or maybe nothing at all, could have it turned out differently? I don’t know. I’ll never know. I know how I feel. I can only imagine how his parents, family and friends feel. I share this with you because I want to change what I say to people, how I treat people and just try to love others, regardless if I like their personality or not. We just never know if we can be that positive light in that person’s life, at that moment, that creates enough pause for them to get past that feeling of despair.

I’ll leave you with this quote by Robin Williams; “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always” 

Prayer: Grease Fire

Be Kind. Always – Slow Pitch

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