9/8/21 a beautiful morning with a slight chill.

Q: Othello and Armbar Co

PAX 19: No Doze, Smash Mouth, Stiches, Wait TIme, Skipper, Convoy, Dirty Bird, Icy Hot, Side Dish, Gunner. Mac N Cheese, Dome, Retweet, Vandaly, Slow Pitch, Water Boy, FInkel, Othello, Armbrah(Sorry Slow pitch for not saying Brah!)

The pax are greeted and most followed the pre blast and came in there shortest shorts.

3 F’s




Mission Statement

To plant grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of Male community leadership.

5 core principles


Open to all men

Always held outdoors

Lead in a rotating fashion

And will end in a circle of trust.

Disclaimer of not a professional is given and we tell the PAX we will be using the traditional route and away we go.

Warm o Rama and Thang: Running with Pain stations.

Mosey to the first stop for some warm o Rama. Othello and Armbar trade off picking warm up exercises. These were not planned. Which is common for Armbar but out of Othello comfort zone. Which is part of the CoT for that HIM


Imperial Walkers 12 IC

Tappy Taps 10 IC

Sun Gods F/B 10 IC

Goof Balls 10 IC

Mosey to Parking lot on pacific for stop 2

Othello lead

Monkey Humpers 20 IC

Crab Humpers (which look so good in short shorts) 10 IC

Air Squats 15 on down

Mosey to the dock

Bonnie Blairs 15 IC

Pickle Pounders 15 IC

Twinkle Toes 20 on down

Mosey to the bottom of the hill.

Gorilla Humpers 20 IC

Roselitas 10 on open

Squat jumps 15 on down

Mosey to the top of the hill. Take a 10 count and mosey to the park.

On the Circle planter

Step up 15 IC

Incline Mountain Climbers 15 IC

Dips 20 on down.

Mosey back to the flags.


Rancid Hammers 19.

Side not. On this day the groups job of picking up the six was amazing. Everyone finished together at the flags. That’s what it is all about.

Name or Rama

This needs it own section today because of how amazing the thighs looked on the men today. Even if you shorts were normal length they were hiked up so nicely for this sweet vid.

Announcements and Prayers

Prayers to the Vala family and crab cakes who lost a family member in a mother, grandmother and wife with the passing of crab cakes mom.

Prayers to the Kiepest family in Papio. A father and son tragically lost their lives on their way to the husker game. He was a HIM and will be missed.


Armbar goes first

We talk a lot about the 5 core principles and Today I want to talk about the first one. It’s free. I asked you today to free you thighs (For fun) and to show how F3 being free is very important. It supports our open to all men principle number 2. No barrier that income could cause happens at f3. When you pull into the parking lot in a Audi super car (No names mentioned…DaVinci) or a 2009 Subaru that needs a new muffler the second you get out of the car you are HIM who want to get better. Nothing else matters at that moment. Lastly we do pay. In blood sweat and tears and with our time and energy. But that is a great price to pay to accelerate.

Then Othello steps up. I am paraphrasing what he said and will be no where near as magical or beautiful as Othello words. And especially when spoken allowed.

Their are many ways of being free. One is to release control, the freedom and letting things happen however they will. I am a planner and a person who has a process that likes to control as much as I can. When asked to Q paradise by my friend and HIM slow pitch at first I wanted to say now. I do not want to run 3 miles let alone lead a group of men who like 3 miles for fun. With that being said I needed to release control of my process for this and lead. So then when Armbar said lets do the traditional route again I didn’t want to do that but released control and went with it. And here I stand leading these men and made it through the workout (SO well done buddy) and releasing that control gave me the freedom to lead.


Armbar and Othello.

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