Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

AO: The Combine

PAX completing the workout: Barn Door, Lucky Charms, Z-Bo, Magic, KOA, Griswold, Grease Fire, Nugent, Mufasa, Black Flag, Lite Brite, Ketchup, Grillz, Wide Right, Cataracts, Chucky, Bubbles, Gator, The Plague, Blades of Glory.

Proctor: Hard Hat

Week 1 of the IronPAX challenge required a bit more setup than Week 0. This workout is “The Revenge of the Bunnies”. Setup included measuring out 25 yards from sideline of the football field toward the middle of the field. We had cones and lights spread out for 30 yards to help give guys enough space to work. The ends of the 30 yard stretch were marked, and the tape measure was ran that length to act as a line for the PAX to know they’d gone far enough. In hindsight, with 20 guys doing the workout, 30 yards wasn’t far enough. There were guys over both sides of the markers.

As the crew was rolling in and discussing strategy, or whatever else, groups began to assemble on the track. Coupons were carried in and placed along the sideline and dudes were getting psyched for what they were about to accomplish. As the proctor, I started to write down the names of all of the PAX in attendance to get them on my tracking sheet. A little lesson learned from last week, I somewhat alphabetized the names on the sheet to make it a little easier to find a name to check things off. After all names were jotted down, it was 5:15 and time to get going. I did a roll call, just to make sure everyone was accounted for, then jumped right into the description of the workout. 3 rounds for time. Each round has the following: 800m run, 25 yard murder bunny, 10 shoulder tap merkins, 25 yard reverse murder bunny, 20 rep burpee variation (variations will follow), 25 yard murder bunny, 10 shoulder tap merkins, 25 yard reverse murder bunny, end of round. The first round burpee variation is a Blockee with Squat Thruster. The second round burpee variation is a horizontal/lateral burpee block jump over. The third round burpee variation is a vertical burpee block jump over. Demonstration was provided for the shoulder tap merkins and each of the burpee variations. There were no questions. I did vaguely hear some comments about my proctor attire, which gave me a little bit of a rural appearance. I was heading straight to work after this and didn’t have a need to break a sweat.

The beats came on, and the count down commenced. And they were off. With the workout underway, I paced the sideline doing my best to keep track of what everyone was completing. There were a few hiccups with the second part of murder bunnies getting skipped, but culprits were made away of the issue and quickly corrected by completing the portion missed. Everyone had great attitudes about this, except there may have been a few blocks tossed at the completion of some reverse bunnies. As always, when guys started completing the workout, they’d encourage on the guys still working on it. This workout was a little more difficult to pick up the 6 on, because there may not have been running to complete with them, and it seemed a little awkward dragging your coupon around to do more bunnies, etc. Guys were making due though, cranking about some burpees together or the merkins. It’s always a beautiful sight to see. Once everyone wrapped up the workout, we rounded up the blocks and stuff and made our way over to the shovel flags to get a little more light for the name-a-rama.

We had announcements for the launch of The Mess Hall next Tuesday, and for Rollbars ruck this weekend. There were congratulations in order for the Queenservice dudes and the announcement for the lunch on Friday. Prayers for a couple of families that have experienced loss of loved one resently.

The COT for today is about something that will be discussed a lot at IPC beatdowns, and has likely already been discussed over the last week. These workouts push us to our limits, and of course they can get competitive. Egos may flare a little, and guys might be fighting to keep those egos in check. A very wise man text me last week after an IPC workout, in which he had a very solid performance. He mentioned how he was feeling a lot of love from guys that were congratulating him on his performance. Many would say that he crushed it. He said, “look at this other guy. This other guy (had a slower time) has been showing up to damn near every workout for the last several weeks, has done the APEX, has done IPC, and is the one who is really crushing it.” I’m quoting something that I paraphrased, to not name names. Everyone here is at different stages of life and in their fitness journeys. Everyone doing this workout completed it, and therefore, in my opinion “crushed it!”. I’m proud of everyone of you for showing up to take on this challenge, and for completing it. You all should be proud of your performance as well. If you get too wrapped up in your time vs. other times, you aren’t going to have any fun, and will probably come off as an asshole. Embrace the challenge and how you are doing on your journey.

Aye! – Hard Hat

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