September 8, 2021|AO- Top Rope|57 degrees, it felt amazing

14 PAX: Tugboat, Moon Man, Short Sale, Doggy Paddle, Beaver, Mulligan (Respect), Scoober, Barber Shop, Super Tasty, Super Nasty, Oompa, Cutting Edge, Doppler, Mother Goose (QIC)

5:30 AM- Recited meaning, principles and mission of F3 and gave disclaimer; no FNG’s.  Took a little mosey around the school and circled up on the Basketball court for Warm-o-Rama


  • 10 High Ones IC
  • 20 Second Small Ones Count
  • 10 Tappy Taps IC
  • 10 Tater Taps IC
  • 10 Michael Phelps IC
  • 10 Cherry Pickers IC
  • 10 Tempo Merkins IC

No Pre-Thang- YHC planned a Top Rope style finishing move for a Post-Thang

Counted off by 4’s to create 4 groups for the Thang

The Thang- Pain Stations.

  • Station 1 (middle of court) Push Group
    • 8 Step Body Builders x15
  • Station 2 (near the wall)
    • 20 Werkins
    • 20 Monkey Humpers IC
    • 20 Big Boys
    • Rinse and Repeat, pick up where you left off
  • Station 3 (rails in front of school)
    • 20 Dips
    • 20 step-ups (10 with each leg leading)
    • 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps with feet on rail
    • Rinse and Repeat, pick up where you left off
  • Station 4 (curb)
    • Clock Merkins
      • 10 right hand on curb
      • 10 both hands on curb
      • 10 left hand on curb
      • 10 both feet on curb
    • 20 Jump Squats
    • 20 Johnny Dramas IC (using curb if you could balance)

6:00- Omaha Call- groups had made it around 1.5 times

Post-Thang/Finishing Move- The Wild Goose Chase

  • PAX lined up and started to mosey up the street
  • The person in back would stop, do 2 burpees, then sprint to the front
  • We went a little over a quarter mile out then turned around to come back
  • All PAX burpeed and sprinted at least twice


  • 20 WWI sit-ups which YHC calls “Undertakers”
    • Tugboat requested that rather than on “Up” we went on “Gong” (or Dong?) which was the start of Taker’s entrance music
  • American Hammers Rancid Style 2x (28 total)


Announcements and Prayer Requests:

-Mulligan shared a prayer of gratitude for his mother who has outlived her cancer diagnosis and is feeling amazing and recently had a test that showed she was cancer-free.  So awesome!

-Help our brother Rollbar out, and prayers for the Kaipust and Valla families.


Knowing I was coming back for another Q at Top Rope, I began to ponder fond memories of my childhood following the WWE (then WWF).  I loved Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior.  I think when they fought it was heralded as “the unstoppable force and the immovable object.”  I checked that with resident F3Omaha WWE historian Tugboat but he wasn’t sure.  Must have been gassed.

Anyway, in reflecting on that I wondered, what would I rather be?  The unstoppable force or the immovable object.  Certainly there are things in my life, most notably my faith and family, that I am unwaveringly passionate about.  Perhaps it is best, however, to be humble enough to be neither… to know when to take a rest and back off, or when to allow yourself to not be so stubborn and allow your thoughts and opinions to be challenged.

I couldn’t help but think about recent struggles in my marriage.  My wife and I are both very much type A personalities and that can lead to a lot of arguments. We are both stubborn and like to have the last word.  We both have busy jobs and get stressed.  It seems to always be one extreme or the other.  Either I handle the kids and the house or she does.  We don’t often get to share responsibility, and both can feel unappreciated.  Admittedly, I am at fault often.  I get overly defensive.  I should probably drink less as that never helps.  I am working on being a better husband by humbling myself to be neither the unstoppable force or the immovable object.  YHC very much appreciated the opportunity to open up to the PAX about this.

I led us out in a prayer of gratitude.

Here’s to good days and better tomorrows!

Cheers and SYITG,

Mother Goose

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